Why I enjoy working #Hotstar!

“Knowing the difference between invention, improvement, and innovation distinguishes good companies that succeed in existing markets and great companies that create new markets.” Here I talk about my experience with Hotstar and I think it is definitely one on that list.

Going back to January 2018, when I was looking for the next big thing to get more exposure, a massive engineering opportunity, and the opportunity to collaborate with great minds. This is when Akash Saxena, Head of Engineering, Hotstar reached out to me and revealed his vision for an interactive in-app trivia game for IPL 2018. To provide an interactive experience for millions of customers during IPL 2018, aggressive search and hustlers to eliminate them backline: A chance is up to my sleeve. It was audacious enough to sound encouraging and inspiring, and I accepted as an Android developer consultant.

Start as a consultant

Over the next 4 months, the team worked long hours, staying back in the office late, hacking to make life simpler (it’s off the record), so Hotstar users could make a big prediction while live-streaming an IPL match Are and can win. Time ran so fast that it seemed like a long hackathon where we made it through a demo for a change. With the release of Star IPL Day # 1, the latest Hotstar app, we went through our share of hiccups, with some hasty options coming back to bite us in the back that we decided immediately. Watch N Play was a hit, with millions trying their hand at it and winning several awards over the duration of the tournament.

For a short stint, the team’s talent, including the hustle, last-minute release, production issues, and the sweet taste of scale and impact of our achievement were high. Reactive Programming, MVVM Architecture, Dependency Injection, Android Services, Cool UI Animation, Unit Test, Memory and Data Usage Optimization, some of the things I learned during these 4 months, were definitely higher in the year than a year and a half ago To Hotstar.

For me personally, more, I was a part of the film that set the world record for the most recorded audiences for a live event (10.3 million) with Hotstar front row tickets. Someone would say that it would be enough, but the most serious moment occurred when a street vendor on the streets of Gurgaon would ask me if I had seen an IPL 2020 match on Hotstar us Promo code, as he was hooked for the game from where he was winning the award… Through this. That moment, precious!

Adding Hotstar full time

Given an amazing stint as an Android consultant, I wanted more, and Hotstar gave me a chance to join as a backend developer. Following the IPL 2018 experience, Hotstar’s client apps needed to create an in-house pub-sub system to push real-time events, to power our unique-case and Hmong scale. Over the next 5 months, I and Manas Chaudhary evaluated, experimented, experimented, tested, and released brainstorming for Hotstar, which went live series from January 2020 through Sep.

PubSub has supported many tournaments. With near-real-time latency and 0 downtimes sending ~ 700 + billion messages to hundreds of live events, Hotstar Android, and iOS apps. It still gives me goosebumps in an attempt to fathom that number! Started as an experiment to bring some services home, it has now become the core of a service that is becoming stronger. After a successful season of PubSub, I recently talked about my experience of PubSub building for Hotstar.

Since last year, Hotstar has managed to bring many other services in-house, designed to handle Hotstar’s peak scale and then some more. The push to build in-house and automate manual workflows helped us leverage technology to enhance the user experience by building efficient, scalable, and performing systems at significantly lower costs. You can also read about our in-house data platform extensively. After the Hotstar promo Code IPL 2020: LIVECRICKET and Cricket World Cup 2019, Hotstar 0 strengthened with downtime, breaking our own record with a new peak at 25.3M.

It turned out to be even more a year than the last. I feel extremely proud to say that my first backend service is capable of handling 50 million concurrent scales. To add, the service is cost-saving for the company, which is a definite plus and a big validation.

Take it from me, I’m just one of the army of more amazing people and the work I’ve done in the last year and a half is just a small piece of the puzzle! Hotstar is still adventurous enough to excite and still challenging enough to inspire, so it keeps me hungry for more!

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