Now whichadswork is gone, does anyone know of an alternative?

The workers who do facebook advertising marketing can’t do without facebook ads spying tools. But the facebook ad spy tool is not liked by facebook. In the past few years, Facebook has banned multiple ads spy tools, including bigadsads, whichadswork and many other tools.

Whichadswork is a very powerful tool with a powerful database that can use a variety of filters at a cost of 175 yuan per month.

Below I list whichadswork alternative tools:

Facebook ad library

Facebook ad library is an official Facebook publishing tool that lets you see which ads are being served by any brand.

This tool can be used to view ads that competitors are currently serving to monitor competitors’ advertising strategies. But the function is relatively simple, you must rely on the brand to find ads.


Bigspy is the best facebook ads spy tool in the current free products. Because bigspy’s basic functions are perfect, you can search for filters from multiple angles, suitable for small and medium enterprises.

Bigspy not only has search filtering, finds advertising content, advertising time, marketing goals, country, cta type multiple advertising information, but also can track the performance of the ads, find the most popular ads, download creatives and so on.

Bigspy is completely free, registration is ready to use, if you just need a basic facebook tool, then bigspy can fully meet the needs.


Poweradspy is a long-lived tool. Its main function is to filter and filter. It can filter the ads needed for filtering from many aspects.

Poweradspy is a paid tool that includes a free trial. However, the trial function is very small, and the monthly fee is up to $299.


SocialPeta is the tool that supports the most media platforms in all current tools. SocialPeta is more than just an ads spy tool, it is an intelligence tool.

In addition to providing basic advertising information, SocialPeta can also monitor the advertising crowd, hobbies, age and gender, the number of people the ad reaches, and the ad rating.

And give suggestions for optimization of the ad based on the basic information of the ad.

The cost of SocialPeta starts at $59 per month and can be tried.


AdPlexity is a facebook intelligence analysis tool that features facebook ads divided into computers and mobiles, native ads and five other ad types. Each type of charge is different.

AdPlexity is not available for trials and costs between $149 and $299.

Whichadswork basic functions:

Search by keyword, URL, publisher, e-commerce platform, member network, etc.

See images and the angles they use

See their login page and download it to my computer 🙂

See all the links they use

Whichadswork compares with other tools:

The basic functions of whichadswork, other tools are basically covered, the cost aspect, bigspy is completely free, and SocialPeta is also lower than whichadswork cost.

The above products can be used as a substitute for facebook. Find the best one for you from the above four products.

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