What is Link Profile Audit in SEO? Explained!


There are a number of things that need to be done in SEO in order to elevate the position of the client website in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). When you are auditing the link profile, it will identify negative SEO link attack attempts, assess penalties, and eliminate the bad links before they have an impact on the website ranking.

Why Link Profile Audit is Important in SEO?

When you are auditing the links of the website, you need to know the exact inbound and outbound links to or from the website. It will let you know why your website is suffering from poor search engine results. Through this audit, you’ll know how many poor links your website has and how to eliminate them to achieve the good result in SERP. So, before going to do any kind of SEO job, you need to go with the link profile audit as it will make sure that, how far your website is way ahead than your competitors and how you can stay ahead in the competition. These are the advantages you are going to get from a link profile audit.

What to Check in the Link Profile Audit?

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Velocity of Positive Links

By checking the velocity of positive links will let you know how much your link profile is expanding and in what speed it is expanding. When a link profile expands very fast, it may attract a red flag from Google because the search engine will consider that, the link may practice any manipulation tactic to expand fast.

The Velocity of Negative Links

In this way, you’ll know how many bad links to remove. It will eliminate the number of negative links within a short period of time.

Contextual Links

Links that are strategically placed within the content that has a context on the actual page will be called contextual links. The site will get a bonus point’s I’d that content is natural, not spammy-sounding, and should have some significant meaning to it. One thing is to keep in mind that contextual links are good but yet again, these could be manipulated too and you should keep an eye for the excessive contextual linking.

Finding Out the Sponsored Links 

It will let you know about the links that are paid. In this way, you can easily identify these links and can act accurately if possible.

Links from the Hub Pages

These links are good enough because they are from the top resource of the topic.

Links from Authority Sites 

These are certain kinds of links that are from the large authority sites in one niche. When you’ll get a number of links from great authority sites, it is a good thing and it will come that shouldn’t count against you.

Organic Link Profile

An organic link profile has almost all the link techniques that kept to a minimum and more natural distribution of link anchor text that does come with any way toward any kind of significantly big amounts of any type of anchor text. It will look like different people from many different niches linked to the site rather than one person linking regularly.

Checking of Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal link is all about link exchange. It will allow you to share your link with any other website and you have to share their link on your website too. In this way, it will be a great way to come with the right kind of things that are equally elevating the rank of the website. If you’ll go through the SEO blog like techssocial, you’ll know the exact facts about these links.

Content Links from Users 

Sometimes in the blog section of your website, you may get a number of external links that are mainly created by the users. They do mainly submit these links to promote their websites. In this way, it will be best to filter them.

Maximum Blog Comments

Blog comments are very easy to manipulate and therefore it is possible that maximum blog comments could be from any kind of black hat program. They always hamper the rank of the website.

Checking Internal Links 

When internal links or anchor texts are used in an excessive way, it will be considered spam and it should be avoided at any cost. So, make sure that you have properly used internal links and they all are within their limit. Make sure that you are using appropriate internal links that will impact positively.

Age of Backlinks

According to many experts, the age of backlinks is playing a crucial role to define your rank in the search engine result pages.

Number of Outbound Links of the Page

According to SEO experts, a page with the maximum outbound links will perform poorly compared to a page with an appropriate number of outbound links. If the outbound links are spam, they will cause serious results. Newstricky will let you know about the articles on quality links and how much you should have.

Maximum Forum Profile Links

If your website has got excess links from the forum, it may hamper the rank of the website in the SERP. These links can be manipulated and back hat SEO may involve this.


This is all about link profile audit and it plays a vital role to keep your website in a remarkable position in SERP. If the links are not properly placed or they are manipulated, you can’t get the desired result.

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