Top 5 Reasons Your Traffic is Down and How to Fix It

Websites carry a lot of dataas you can find each and every detail of your required information. Internet is known as the ocean of information. Websites act as a medium to deliver all of the information to users. Websites are an immense part of the internet where users visit different websites to extract the information they are looking for. That is why the value of websites is always high in the technology market.

Since websites place the feet on the internet, it showed a way of how online earning can grow higher. It all counts as views on websites. The more viewers you get, the more popular your website will gain and the earning will be higher. So, it’s important to attract quite high traffic on your website or server to get a high number of views.

Competition is high these days as more and more new websites are taking place on a daily basis. As a result, you face competition and if the ranking is not high then you will face a loss or not a profit anymore. The solution is to attract a good amount of traffic to stay on top always.

If you run a website and recently you are observing that the traffic is down then there may be some possible reasons. In this article, you will get to know why traffic is down on your website and how you can fix it.

Problems and solutions for fixing low traffic on websites

Traffic is getting down and it is quite normal for any website. But you need to make sure you find the reasons and solve it the right way.

1. You need an SEO expert

If you are thinking that you are not getting good views on your websites, there is not much traffic on the servers and yet you don’t have a proper SEO Expert then it is obvious you will face trouble on catching customers. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps to increase the ranking on a much higher position. If you run a website and don’t have a proper SEO or you do SEO works by yourself then it will surely become a problem in the future.

Solution- An SEO expert works on websites, then do proper optimization so that the ranking of the website stays in a higher position. The higher the rank is, the more views you will get and as a result, your website will attract a high amount of traffic.

2. Having poor content

Competition is high in the online market and so is the demand for a high content. Opening a website and running it is not everything unless you have good content. There are several examples of opening a new website with much hype and then suddenly viewers lost interest in visiting it because of poor content. If you are running a website with poor content then this can be a big reason for having low traffic on your server.

Solution – there is only one solution exist and that is to make good content with appropriate info. Content should be more informative so that viewers get actually what they are looking for. Google places the rankings according to views and top contents so that users get top quality results.

3. Making your website not mobile-friendly enough

You have opened a website with good content and you are running it successfully for quite some time – if you think that your job is finished here then you are wrong. When you build a website, you build it on a PC platform so your website is optimized only for PC platforms. But smartphones are carrying a huge demand in today’s world as you can handle so many operations easily and conveniently.

People like to operate things by a smartphone and they like to open websites on the smartphone too. If your website is optimized for only the PC platform then it will not run properly on smartphones and as a result, the user experience will get hampered. This will definitely lead to low traffic on your website.

Solution – Do the mobile-first indexing with a proper expert first. The mobile users are high in number so make your website mobile-friendly enough and the traffic will increase.

4. Slow loading speed

It is a fast world and people like to do everything at high speed. You may have an awesome website with mobile indexing and good content but if your website takes too much time to load, then viewers will lose interest and switch to another website within seconds. This may be one of the big reasonsfor having low traffic on your website.

Solution – You need an expert to increase the loading speed. Make sure the expert performs some duties like speed testing of the website first with various tools, trim all the broken links and speed killers, omit images that don’t serve the purpose, resize images so that it loads quickly, can handle traffic all at once efficiently even it becomes higher.

5. Search behavior is changing abruptly

It is absolutely possible that you have done all the things right and yet the search result is not showing your website properly to the users. This may happen because of repetitive searches. It may lead that the keyword of your content may be lost. This is how search results can behave in an abrupt way and change drastically so that it doesn’t reach to the viewers. The big picture is, you start losing traffic on the server.

Solution – You need to check Google Trends and from there you will know what is happening with your keyword. You can also dig deep and go further to Search Analytics of Google Search Console (GSC) to know how your website is appearing to customers as search results.

These are some top reasons stated why you may have low traffic on your website. Make sure to go through all reasons and check it on your website too. If you test all the aspects properly then you may find the lacuna you are looking for.

After finding the problems make sure to fix the low trafficissue on your website. All you need to do is to find the problem first and then solve it accordingly. This will lead to an increase in traffic on your website. Best of luck!

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