Tips to Create the Best Web Design for Your Restaurant


“The first impression is the last impression,” they say; well, that’s true! If you are in the hospitality business, there are so many things to be taken care of. Right from deciding the decor, menu to hiring the right people for the job.

One thing that restaurateurs often forget is the online presence. With everyone shifting their base to online, restaurant business owners must invest in digital marketing and outrank the competitors.

One of the key factors of digital marketing is website design. How your website looks says a lot about the experience consumers can expect at your restaurant. 59% of diners check out a restaurant’s online presence before deciding the place to eat.

While starting your business, so much thought goes into the beautiful decor, service, menu, etc. then why not work on building an incredible website that enhances your consumer experience?

Here Is a Perfect Recipe to Create the Best Web Design for Your Restaurant:

1. Define and Understand Your Target Audience

The customer is the king. Before starting working on other stuff, you need to identify your audience. Define the age group, demographics, what services they demand, their likes and dislikes based on their social media interest, etc. This will help you in sorting not only the web design but also the menu and pricing.

Define the 3W’s to get a better understanding. Remember the amazing term coined by Simon Sinek, ‘The Golden Circle’.

Always start with ‘Why’; it is a very impactful way to communicate with your consumers, define your particular value proposition and inspire them to act. Once you define your 3W’s, you can move on to your website’s theme.

2. Choose a Simple yet Appealing Website Design Theme

Don’t complicate the design. Go for a user-friendly and minimalistic website design. There is a well-known designing principle known as KISS – Keep it simple, stupid!

There is a simple mantra to create the best website design for your restaurant, keeping the design crisp and appealing.

An ideal website design should have pages like a home page which consists of all important information like location, menu, what you offer; the about us page should humanize your website by talking about your story and why you started this restaurant, followed by pages like contact us or booking page with customers reviews and location.

3. Play With Colours

Colours and emotions go hand-in-hand. Each colour has its own significance, and restaurateurs should make use of that.

Like when painting our house, we use white colour for the bedroom to give that subtle calming effect. Similarly, while designing a website for your restaurant, you need to pick colours that reflect the customers’ emotions.

Go bold and try red as it catches the eyes and reflects urgency. Or go for a healthy colour palette like green, upscale luxe restaurants benefit from colour palettes with shades like black, white, jewel tones, etc. If your restaurant has a casual style, then you can opt for casual colour palettes like yellow, blue, etc.

4. Go for High-quality Photography

A picture speaks a thousand words! High-quality photography is one of the best tools in the digital marketing arsenal. You can communicate a lot of things through one picture. It can talk about the atmosphere, food, people at the restaurant, price, ambiance, style, and much more.

Use interior shots, have your charming staff pose for you, show off your kitchen, and feature behind-the-scenes shots. Above everything else, you need to post pictures of the food. The photography should be so attractive that it should make people come and have those scrumptious-looking food at your restaurant.

Hiring a professional photographer would be the best option for this.

5. Clear and Crisp Message

Just as the design requires simplicity, it is essential to keep the message crisp and clear. A clear message will not only help you get attention from the search engines but also from people. Put your message clearly in front of your audience.

Tell them what you offer, don’t confuse them with a lot of information. Just give out what is important but don’t forget, it has to be genuine. Talk about your expertise and make sure it is appealing because you have less than 5 seconds to capture a user’s attention. If you make them see a beautiful image and also read what you offer, your website will drive sales!

6. Make a Responsive Website

With their busy schedules and commitments, people browse the internet on their smartphones instead of laptops. Hence, you need to make your restaurant website responsive.

Make it convenient for people to easily book or check what you offer, giving them a nice user experience. That can be done by including the contact number in the auto-dial panel or making google map accessible by making it possible for your address to open up in maps.

Check your load time on phones, include minimal text that is effective without boring the customer. Overall, the look and feel of your mobile site should have consistent branding with your desktop version.

7. Add aUnique ‘About Us’

People love to read stories, the ones which have passion, food and fun. While working on the website design for your restaurant, make sure your ‘About Us’ page is unique, the one that stands out from the crowd.

Tell your customers why you started this restaurant and highlight the main points, like how professional your team is. This will also help you to come to the vicinity of search engines like Google.

Don’t forget to talk about your awards and reviews because that makes people relate to you. Apart from this, you should also add a FAQ section to answer your consumer’s queries.

8. Add Online Menu

People always prefer to check the menu first before heading out for dinner or making a reservation. Adding the menu in a PDF or JPEG format is a big NO. These formats are outdated and don’t appeal to the customers. Come out of your comfort zone and try new and fresh things. These things will help your business grow.

There are multiple plugins available to help you create an attractive online menu. Don’t keep the menu plain and boring. Add stunning photos of your delicious food with proper pricing to make it easier for the customers.

9. Online Booking

Booking through phone calls is an old thing. With brands like Zomato and Swiggy coming in, the trend is to take online booking/reservations. It is only easier for the team and customers because they will no longer experience ‘this number is busy’ stuff anymore. Online booking will create the amazing user experience.

Again, many plugins are available to make reservations, cancel or shift the reservations. They also have features to send notifications to the customers with the proper date and time.

10. Track Your Consumer Behaviour

It is vital to track how your website performs and check if it is actually generating any sales. Tracking walk-ins and calls are really very difficult; hence you should implement Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

Google Analytics will help you with bounce rate, time on site, and click-through rate, while Webmaster Tools will tell you which keywords customers are using to find your website and how you rank for those keywords compared to your competition.

Want to get a website done for your restaurant with all of the above things? Get in touch with our expert Haitna to get a clean, minimal, yet stylish website design.

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