Tips for choosing Cheap and Affordable SEO Services

SEO has become the most important part of website. Without SEO it is of no use to keep an active website. There are several companies that offer best SEO services but there are several things to be considered before choosing a company. It is important to consider the following things before committing for SEO with some freelancer or a digital marketing company. Some of the things to be considered are mentioned below.

SEO Budget

Before starting SEO it is important to set a budget. Depending upon your budget workout the options and get your SEO done. Some people might charge more for simpler tasks while you will get a full packed SEO service for a cheaper price. It is important to consider options before actually considering one. Nowadays most of the digital marketing companies are providing a free quote after analyzing your website. You can get quotes from multiple companies and choose the one that fits in your budget. Budget plays an important part in SEO as you cannot get all the things in SEO at the same time. You might have to do most important things initially and then proceed with other things later on.

No of Keywords and Time frame

If you have already created your website and waiting for SEO to be done then time frame will be a very important thing. SEO is all about doing things and waiting. SEO cannot be achieved overnight. It is important to get the number of keywords each company provides and the timeframe to achieve the same. It will be foolish to spend six months of time for one keyword hence it is important to get the number of keywords each company provide and the corresponding time frame. Do not compromise with number of keywords. It is important to choose a reliable company by reading testimonials and reviews as many amateur companies do not stick to the time frame.

No of pages to optimize

You cannot optimize your whole website in one go so it is important to decide the number of pages you are looking to optimize. You can get advice from digital marketers and get an idea about the pages to optimize. Not all the pages require optimization as well so it is important to prepare a list of pages to be optimized. The pages that are chosen should clearly impact your rankings otherwise it is of no use to spend your hard earned money on SEO.

No of location focused

Local SEO has become an important thing now. It is important to get information on the locations that will be focused In SEO. Local SEO means optimizing your website so that it meets the local search criteria for example if you are located in Chennai then it is important to make your local SEO optimized to Chennai location. If you have a small company then it is ok to target one location but even then it needs to focus of are as Chennai is a vast city and there are several regions. If you have a business that runs it multiple places then it is important to focus all those locations.

 Monthly works (guest post count per month, bookmarking, etc…)

While considering a Company for SEO it is important to see their website and check how well their website is optimized. It is also important to keep an eye on their monthly works. Monthly works can be anything from guest posts, to social media post or newsletters or email campaigns.

Reports from SEO company

SEO companies send reports on monthly basis. These reports are nothing but the progress of your website from the beginning compared to previous month and current month. These reports will help you to keep a track of your websites progress as well as the work done by the SEO Company.

Chap SEO Services in Chennai

There are several SEO providers offer Cheap SEO Services in Chennai. For your convenience we have listed the most affordable and budget friendly companies to consider for your website’s SEO.  We have list that work on strict budget as well as companies that work on lenient budget. If you are a start up then stick up with the low budget firms so that you do not have to invest much initially.

SEO Expert Chennai

Are you looking for a reliable digital marketing company at an affordable budget? SEO expert Chennai provides your budget friendly SEO package that start from 2000 INR. They provide quality services in the specified timeline.

Infinix SEO

If you have a little elaborate budget for your websites SEO then you can choose infinix SEO. They provide affordable and reliable SEO services their package starts from 5000 INR. They have multiple packages you can choose the one that suits you best.

Qbigpro provides affordable SEO services. Their packages start from 3999 INR. They have multiple budget options depending upon your need you can choose one.


Pyradigital is a reputed SEO company in Chennai. It has been providing quality SEO services to its clients at a very affordable pricing. Their basic plans start from 4999 INR. If you are not tight in your budget then you can choose pyradigital.

Bharath Technologies

Bharath technologies provide SEO services at an affordable and reliable pricing. Their basic package starts from 5500 INR. You can choose your own requirement and create qa custom package as well.

Final words

SEO creates a great impact on your website so you must carefully choose the company that provides quality SEO services and at the same time it must fit within your budget as well. We have discussed some of the important things to be considered before choosing your SEO service provider. Consider these and analyze well before choosing the SEO provider.

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