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TikTok is the hottest short video social app available, with creative short video productions produced every day around the world. And so there are a lot of influencers. They have huge numbers of fans. TikRank is one of the tools for analyzing the influencers data. If you want to be an influencer, you need such an assistant.

  • Homepage Features Introduction
  • Influencers Leaderboard
  • Top Content Explained
  • Favorite
  • Influencer Analysis

Homepage Features Introduction

1.Top List Recommendations–Grasp the influencer information

TikRank recommends the most searched leaderboard, for example: “who TikTok Influencer’s fans grow s/s grow sin the United States”, “top50 TikTok videos leaderboard”.

2.New search features–Accurately locate influencer

We have redefined The Influencer with more than 3000 fans, so that the search results are more reliable and avoids a lot of fake accounts and ordinary people’s accounts.

In addition, if you are temporarily unable to search for results in our database, you can help us search in real time in TikTok by clicking on the button. As long as the account you are looking for is real, there will be feedback on the results.

Influencers LeaderboardThe influencer list reflects the best performers in TikTok in every way. They receive hundreds of millions of people to follow through wonderful video content.

TikRank focuses on Influencer’s fans, number of videos, video views, fan growth and engagement rates.Place the sort function at the header and simply click on the header item to sort Influencer by the dimensions you are interested in.TikRank also filters by region and fan number to provide more accurate “influencer” searches.

Of course, users can query the Influencer they want to find through the search function on the list instead of going back to the home page.

Top Content Explained

Top content in TikTok includes video content and label content.

1.Top tags–TikTok’s most popular tag information analysis

Some TikTok users like to add tags when posting videos. Tags can also be classified as videos. For example, fingerdance, when you tag this your video is classified along with numerous finger dance videos.

TikRank counts the number of videos sent by users under the tag, the more video content under the popular tag. In other words, the more likely you are to be a popular video with a popular video content. At the same time, common data video likes, comments, share and other indicators can be reflected in the table. The most important thing is the calculation of engagement rate, which indicates the user’s activity under the tags.

Click on the tags to access the details page of the tags analysis,In addition to the basic information of tags, the trend of changes in the number of videos under the tags is also reflected through a line chart. For more information, visit TikRank.com to explore.

2.Top Videos(The following is a design, not real data)

There is no detail analysis page for video content, but you can play the video by clicking on the video thumbnail. Video analysis focuses on the common dimensions of video, and it’s easy for ordinary people to find the most popular videos. If you’re An Influencer, you want your videos to also have a high viewing profile, and learning from others is the best way.

Favorite–Collect the influencer you are interested in

TikRank provides the ability to analyze the influencer, but currently only provides this support for the signed-in user’s collection of influencer, which is free now, but there is a limit to the number of influencers in the collection per day.

Influencer Analysis

Influencer Analysis was divided into five sections, in addition to the influencer information card on the head. They are: All Posts, Profile Stats, Follow Insight, Post Analysis, Influencer Mentions. Each section has an important role to play, and they are described separately below.

1.All Posts–See all works quickly

Showing all of influencer’s works, TikRank just added sort filters for them.If you want to view the latest videos, you can sort by date, if you want to watch the most popular videos, you can sort by views.

2.Profile Stats–Influencer basic information interpretation

TikRank counts the red people’s rankings, video downloads, potential revenue, and more. The country map of the number of fans is shown using a bar chart. The influencer’s ranking allows you to quickly determine whether the influencer is well-known. If an influencer ranks higher in the U.S., it’s more conducive to brand owners’ marketing campaign in the U.S.

The estimated potential revenue data for the influencer should be of greater concern to the influencer itself. The more well-known you are, the higher the potential revenue.

3.Follow Insight–Track the number of fans

The number of fans at range can be intuitively reflected, and Follow Insight draws a line chart based on the number of fans to reflect changing trends in number. Provides guidance on the content output of the influencer. If the number of fans drops over time, there may be no output of content during that time, or some negative news will emerge.

4.Post Analysis–Popular post analysis

Post analysis focuses on content analysis, picking out the most popular videos from all the works. And by views, likes, the reviews show the performance of some of the latest works by influencer. Any significant change in any data can be observed in a bar chart.

5.Influencer Mentions–People associated with influencer

Gather influencer fans and following. Through the division of the region, the distribution of influencer‘s fans in different regions is shown.

This version of TikRank is coming soon, and for more information visit TikRank.com. Follow TikRank in real time and there will be more social channels and feature expansion

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