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Plagiarism can be defined as producing someone else’s work as your own or stealing the idea or work of another person and representing as your own. If you produce the work of someone on your website without prior approval or giving a reference, it also comes under plagiarism. If a content writer gives you an article for uploading on your website, it is important to check it on a plagiarism checker for plagiarism.

If you don’t check it, there are likely chances that the content is not original and will sooner or later be blocked by the authorities being copied or reproduced illegally. A plagiarism checker allows you to check the content for its originality along with other SCO tools like word count, etc. It checks every line and word for its authenticity. It exactly gives the detail that from where the content has been copied.

Why Is Plagiarism a Serious Offence?

Stealing of any kind is a serious offence and crime around the world. Thus, copying someone’s content in the same way without prior approval is also a crime.

Why It Is Imp to Remove Plagiarism?

If you have a website and you want to upload certain content, make sure that it is plagiarism-free. A copied content will not only destroy/damage your record and reputation, but everything that you upload will consider doubtful. There are also likely chances that you would end up with your website in a blocked condition.

Top 5 Plagiarism Checkers in Market

There is many plagiarism checker software available in the market which enables you to carry out plagiarism tests for your work before uploading or producing. There are several such software’s which are both premium and free. We have narrowed it down to five for customers. You can select any out of these plagiarism checkers as per your requirement and choice.

Plagiarism Software

A plagiarism checker Software allows you to check your content for uniqueness without creating any extra burden on your budget. It does not only offer plagiarism checking but also checks your document for grammar, image compressor, article rewriter and backlink checker. Its method is also the same; you just have to copy/paste your content, or you can add or upload your document along adding the URL and cloud files as well and run it for plagiarism test. The results are 100% accurate and precise with red pledged content.

You can go with the deep search, file uploading, increase word limit, PDF reports and kind of things as good as any paid site can.

Small SEO Tools An Other Plagiarism Checker Tool

It is one of the best websites for plagiarism checking. Open the link on Google and click on the plagiarism checker. There are also certain other functions available for users like grammar check and word count etc. After opening it, copy the text in the concerned box. The limit here is 1000 words, so make sure to copy the exact or fewer words. After that click on the “check plagiarism” box and wait for the result. It will exactly tell you the percent of unique and plagiarism content.

It will be shown in green and red color accordingly. There is also a button “compare” in front of content containing plagiarism. If you click on this button, it will open the website from where the content has been copied.

Siteliner An Other Plagiarism Checker Tool is one of the best software in the market. It is 100 percent free and works amazingly as a plagiarism checker tool. The best feature of this software is that you can paste any web address in it and run it for checking. It will search for the complete website or plagiarism and let you know about the copied content. However, it takes some time in completing its process and showing the result.

It also shows the result in comparison with other websites in terms of many features like average page size, number of words per page, average page load time common content and internal links per page.

Plagium An Other Plagiarism Checker Tool

It helps you identify the original content. It offers an easy way to check your documents/articles for their uniqueness. The best feature is that you just have to copy your text, paste it in the box available and then check it for plagiarism. You can search 1000 words in this. It will then show you the result along with the websites from where the content has been copied. It is a 100 percent free plagiarism checker.

It will tell you the total number of websites too (if it is copied from more than one website).

DupliChecker An Other Plagiarism Checker Tool

It is the best plagiarism checker tool which is famous for immediate and accurate checking. You can just copy and paste your text for the detection of copied content. The result is very precise and specific. It also offers 1000 words checking capacity. You can either copy or select your documents from your PC or laptop. After this, you can simply check it and see the result.

This tool allows you to check your content for uniqueness without creating any extra burden on your budget. You can simply carry out the test, and it’d save you from uploading any copied content on your website.

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