IT supports for a small scale business- all you need to know about cost.

Small scale businesses find it challenging to budget for IT services and IT support providers do not include the prices of their services. Many people think an IT support department is only for large businesses. The purpose of small business IT support London is to provide an employee with technical support for laptops, mobile phones, and desktop computers, secure data storage, upgrade and maintain servers, installing new software and training employees to use it.

Small business IT support providers in London takes the following into considerations to determine how much their service will cost.

  • The number of servers.
  • Amount of data stored
  • Number of devices used

Rarely, some may charge based on the number of employees or based on the number of hours required to support each device. A small business with more devices would need more support hours than a business with fewer devices. Some IT support providers estimate the cost of one server to be 25 hours per year. Small business IT support in London cost from £75 per hour. With this, a small business can estimate the minimum cost to support a device per year using

(Number of devices + Number of servers) * 25 support hours per year * £75/hr.

Small business IT support London may cost higher than this estimate. It depends on the cost that the IT firm charges per hour. It is likely that support for devices will be the bulk of the incurring cost. Generally, small businesses can estimate the cost of cloud storage per year using

Amount of data(GB)/5.

Some small business IT support London may look cheap. It may be as low as £20 per month for each employee, but at this cost, you may be spending more. An example is if you have 20 employees, at this cost, you will be paying £400 per month for IT support. For £400, your business would not receive the level of service it requires. You will only get 5 and half hours of IT support per day if you use the standard £75 per hour, i.e. £400/ £75. At 5 ½ hours a day, your business will be getting poor services, and you spend more when something goes wrong.

Some IT support firms offer two types of services- pay-as-you-go (ad-hoc) and fully managed services for a fixed monthly fee.

Pay-as-you-go IT support services are usually suitable for small businesses and start-ups that are looking for a professional IT service but not heavy technology usage.

Fully managed IT supports charge for their services based on the number of mobile devices, computers, and servers.

You can also get the services of an independent IT support specialist, but the problem with this is the availability of their service.

Totality services provide one of the best small business IT support in London at an affordable price. With innovative techniques and qualified IT specialists, totality services offer outstanding IT support for small businesses.

Whatever plan you desire to take up, make sure to find out what is excluded from the plan. The best is to keep it simple and choose an IT service that provides a fully transparent service.

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