Is there a tool that can track followers without log into an Instagram account?

I saw a question on Quora: Is there an app or website that can track my Instagram followers without having to log into my Instagram account? And I also want to see some competitor’s data, is there such a tool?

I did encounter the above problem before. Many apps need to log into the Instagram account to analyze the fan data, which is painful for me. I don’t want to share my account, leak my Instagram password. But I also want to check the data of followers and unfollow on Instagram every day.

Then I found a tool that was a website where I could find all the data I wanted.

The website is called BrandFollowers. This is a free Instagram follower analysis and tracking tool.

Using BrandFollowers, enter your brand name and you can see all the data you need. For example, enter your brand name in the search box on the home page: NASA.

You will then see the following data. The first part is the brand ranking, And three statistics: quality users, Engagement rate, unfollow audience last week.

The second part of the data is a detailed analysis of the followers, including the fans’ country, age, and gender. And how many real users, web celebrities, bots, and suspicious accounts are included.

The third part is a broken line graph of the number of people who cancel followers and the number of new followers. (this part of the data is very important. Through the number of users and new followers, we can see the posts that fans like and dislike.)

Show the unfollow of each day. You can analyze how much your posts are liked by the audience according to the unfollow. If your posts are not liked by the audience, the unfollow will increase a lot!

In the fourth part, you can see the chart of total follower changes. The icon shows how many followers you end up gaining each day.

Advantages of BrandFollowers:

1.Free tool

2. The website can be used for login, no need to install any application.

3. Detailed analysis of the data changes every day and displayed in the form of a chart

4. Check the details of each brand follower to find out about your followers

5. You can also learn more about competitors.

You can see the followers of your competitors in BrandFollowers. this is a follower check and tracking tool, if you need an Instagram tracker tool, you can try BrandFollowers, Instagram marketing will be more harvest!

The following is a tool to link:

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