Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 a CRM?

Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365 download is a customer relationship management solution for small to large scale enterprises that focuses on building and retaining the customers. It is a multipurpose platform that includes everything from developing and maintaining customers to growing your business by optimizing the business operations.

This cloud-based CRM is an excellent solution if you are looking for a flexible management suite that allows you to trim down your operations or scale them up when you want to. We will see if this cloud-based CRM suite can compete with other available solutions.

All in One CRM Suit

Dynamics 365 is CRM with ERP. It is a modular suite that works as an SaaS (Software as a service). What does this mean for you? It is an all in one suit to manage your employees, business operations and customers at the same time.

This means that you can manage your sales, marketing operations and strategic planning all at once through an automated process. With the newest AI algorithms in place, it can intelligently improve your sales by giving you a detailed statistical analysis of how everything is going.

Adaptable Apps

The apps contained within the suit are extremely flexible. While each app can work great as a standalone, they are best used together. The great thing is that you don’t have to use and set up all of them at once. You can choose to start with a few needed apps and then increase them according to your business needs.

Since these are cloud-based applications, you can open them anywhere from any device. Your apps are independent of devices and are more secure. With this suit, you also get easy to use mobile apps. Through these apps, you can stay in touch with your business at all times.

No Coding Required

Probably one of the best things about Dynamics 365 is that it allows you to create your apps without having to code. With a drag and drop app creation tool, it is extremely intuitive to create rich applications. The visual experience is somewhat similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. No wonder why they are called Microsoft ‘power’ apps. 

Powerful Analytics

Dynamics 365 has a powerful analytics tool called the Power BI. This is a business intelligence tool that provides you with useful insights in the form of visual data. Artificial intelligence applies machine learning to solve your problems. It doesn’t stop just there. This app can even give you real-time insights into your business. It can tell you how your business will perform in a given situation. This gives you a better idea of how your business will go in real-world scenarios. You can even throw in custom scenarios to have a better idea of a plan that you may be trying to employ for your business.

The Bottom Line

CRM or customer relationship management is a business solution to better manage the interaction between prospective customers and businesses. CRM provides you with the tools for automated marketing, tracking sales, generating leads and providing various services to the customers. With all the tools and data in one place, CRM makes it easy to manage customers and give an outstanding customer experience. Microsoft Dynamics 365 surpasses what any other CRM suite may achieve because of a complete stash of tools that enables your business to transition into a higher phase.

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