5 Instagram marketing tools to help us better photo marketing

Instagram is a marketing platform with over one billion users per month. Whether it is big brands or small and medium-sized enterprises, they all do marketing publicity on Instagram. What tools can be used to help us better manage and analyze ins and do good Instagram marketing?


Instagram does not support postponing posts and later uses the Instagram Graph API to help users plan a week’s Instagram posts in advance, fully automating 100% publishing.

Function: Arrange an Instagram story

Arrange an Instagram story: Later, you can plan your story in advance to make your Instagram look better.

Best release time: Later supports regular release, you can post the post through software after setting the time.

Stay in touch: Save time and stay engaged by replying to all Instagram comments directly from the dashboard.

Fee: Free to 49 monthly per month


Connect to all social media platforms and post a post to all social media at once. With Hootsuite, you can increase brand enthusiasm and customer satisfaction.

Features: The social media platforms supported by Hootsuite are: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest.

Establish important relationships by quickly responding, participating, tracking and listening to people’s evaluations of your business. Set keywords, location and other information to automatically respond to user messages quickly.


With RiteTag, you have a simple solution for finding non-obvious trending tags in 28 languages ​​that increase the coverage of your posts and increase your Insta attention.

Function: 1. Find the correct topic tag to find the image. Get instant topic label suggestions for images and text on desktop and mobile devices. Based on real-time topic tag engagement.

2. RiteTag allows you to right-click on any image or text and then provide you with a list of suggested topic suggestions based on real-time subject tag participation.

3.Call-To-Action on links: Add your own branded call-to-action on links and track clicks and conversions

Different colors indicate different label strengths:

GREEN = Use this hashtag to be visible immediately.

BLUE=Use this hashtag to be seen over time.

Red = Do not use this hashtag and your post will disappear in the crowd.

Gray = Do not use this hash, and few people pay attention to it.

Price: 7 days of trial. The 1000 subject tag queries per month are $49/year.


With bigspy, Instagram spy ads and search and filter out competitors’ ads from a variety of perspectives.

Features: 1. Using Instagram spy, you can view all the ads on Instagram, through the search method, for example: search for “game” in bigspy, you can find all the ads containing the game.

2.bigspy can download creatives, including all images and videos, click on “download” on the image to download the creative.

3. Ads for spy competitors, enter the competitor’s brand words and find all competitors’ ads on bigspy.

4. Use the sort function to find the user’s favorite ads and the most commented ads.

Price: completely free


BrandFollowers is a tool for checking the Instagram brand follower. Analyze brand user information on each Instagram, such as country, gender, age.

Features: 1. Detailed analysis of the brand followers on Instagram and generate reports.

2. Track the country in which the Instagram brand is mainly distributed, gender and age ratio.

3. List top100 brands in terms of user participation rate, number of brand users, and fan growth rate.

4. Calculate the Unfollowers and New Followers for each brand, as well as the quality of followers, fake followers, and other specific information.

Price: completely free

The above are 5 commonly used Instagram marketing tools, using these 5 tools to help us post posts, analyze tags, spy ad, analyze brand followers, and analyze Instagram data.

Use tools to help us do better Instagram marketing.

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