Important SEO Ranking Factors That Matter In 2019

Search engine optimization is the procedure for enhancing the quality and quantity of website traffic. It is the operation of optimizing the online content of the users through a combination of tactics, strategies and techniques that enhances the likelihood of increasing the number of visitors to a website. It works as a mandatory marketing technique to generate a website to be found on acclaimed search engines. Quality of traffic would include attracting the visitors who are authentic and are genuinely interested in the website and quantity of traffic means increasing the number of authentic and genuine visitors on the website through the search engine result pages. SEO also emphasizes the need for organic traffic i.e unpaid traffic.

Basic steps that come under SEO are website analysis, keyword research, competitors analysis, content audit, URL mapping, on-page implementation, interlinking, google analytics integration, HTML/XML sitemap, meta tag optimization, schema markup, creating GMB profile, business listing, classified and blog commenting.

The SEO tactics can be categorized into two: white hat and black hat. The tactics which are approved by the search engines are known as white hat techniques and the techniques which are disapproved by the search engines come under the category of black hat techniques. Deception is one of the techniques used by black hat SEO. Another technique is using hidden text or positioning it off-screen. There is a third category of tactics that fall in between white and black hat called grey hat SEO which aims at improvising the rankings by neither using disapproved techniques nor providing finest content.

SEO requirements are dynamic and it’s significant to persevere with it. The most basic SEO ranking factors include a website that is secure and accessible, improving user experience, one that is mobile-friendly, has optimized content, contains links and provides optimum page speed. Earlier the ranking factors were HTTPS, then mobile usability, then rank brain and most recently mobile page speed has been the most important ranking factor.

Focussing on a few tactics that can improve the SEO ranking factors in 2019 are-Quality of content is an evergreen ranking factor. Authoritative and comprehensive content is always in demand by the users. It also includes the length of the content which should be appropriate in a way that can sustain the users’ attention span. Voice search is in demand in 2019, it drastically enhances user experience. Optimizing the website for voice search can enhance user experience. By 2030, 30% of website sessions will be conducted without a screen as quoted by Google. Improving brand presence online is another tactic. How a brand is presented can help analyse the user experience. Freshness is another tactic which has been presented in the Google freshness algorithm through which new content on websites is prioritized. This can help in improving the SEO ranking factors enormously.

Other factors that will play gigantic role in increasing SEO ranking factors are on-page optimization like providing adequate and reliable metadata i.e title tag and page descriptions about the website that users see in the SERPs. Using rich snippets and reducing the length of the snippets. Rich snippets use schema to mark-up the text and data for better visibility on the search engine results page. Rich snippets can help increase the click-through rate and lower the bounce rate as the users are able to preview the content beforehand. Schema markup helps to identify relevant information on a website. Backlinks help enhancing SEO rankings as the number of links from multiple high-authority domains is high in number it helps in ranking well for top keywords.

Some unique tactics that can be used in SEO are bucket brigades which makes the use of certain words and phrases that sustain the attention of the users and keep them pondering over the websites for long. The bucket brigades activate the prefrontal cortex that maintains the users’ attention. Benefit driven subheadings and not using random subheadings can help to improvise the SEO rankings. Lastly, there’s APP formula- agree, promise and preview. APP is a proven content introduction framework that has been designed to keep the searchers engaged for prolonged periods of time. Agree is starting the introduction with an idea or concept that is widely accepted and users searching for that keyword will agree with, promise means to give the reader a peek into the better world where they feel understood and supported by agreeing to the topics of their interest and preview by telling the readers exactly what is going to be presented to them.

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An enormous impact on SEO marketing strategies in 2019 is in process. Recent Google updates are paving the way for websites with content that proves to be relevant and provides real value for users.

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