HypeAuditor review:analyze Instagram influencers

HypeAuditor is an AI-driven Instagram analytics tool that helps maintain the authenticity of influencer marketing. It applies machine learning to determine patterns of behavior and to identify fake followers and participation in influencer accounts. HypeAuditor provides users with a breakdown of the actual engagement, actual coverage, and demographic data of the influencer audience.

Key features of HypeAuditor:

1. Check for fake followers

In-depth analysis of the quality of your audience and find fake or fake followers. 

HypeAuditor is dedicated to fraud detection, which does not seem to sum up the main features of HypeAuditor. HypeAuditor analyzes influencer profiles, digs deep into each audience, and typically looks at data types that may expose fraud, and counts the number of high-quality audiences in detail.

How it works to check fake accounts:

The platform provides more valuable services than simply finding fraud. There are 28 indicators used to check fake accounts, and these 28 analytics data give users a thorough idea of which one is better for them. All 28 metrics start with the Audience Quality Score (AQS).

The AQS score is 1 to 100, which allows you to quickly determine the actual value of the influencer. According to AQS analysis, all accounts over 70 are your seat with. More than 70 represent an influential person whose audience is made up of real people who are involved.

Accounts with a rating between 40 and 70 are required for further investigation. This score applies to the overall audience, but when you use HypeAuditor for more in-depth research, you may find that while these accounts have a large number of fake followers, real followers are still enthusiastic, engaged and worth a try. In this case, AQS provides the brand with empirical data that they can use to negotiate a more appropriate fee with the influencers.

2.influencers analysis

With HypeAuditor, you’ll look at the follower analysis for each account and learn some basic demographics, such as their geographic location and gender. You’ll also get an assessment of how many of them are “premium” followers to more accurately predict the impact of the influencer.

followers tracking

HypeAuditor tracks changes in followers every day.

National Geographic Analysis

It analyzed which countries the followers in each account came from, and the language they spoke.

Engagement Rate Analysis

HypeAuditor divides engagement rates into ten criteria, and engagement rates into low, general, good, and better grades.

3.Build a report

In-depth analysis of the quality of your audience and find fake or fake followers. The report shows the true number and the number of influential people, the percentage of large-scale followers and suspicious accounts.

Assess the percentage of target age and gender in the influencer audience. The report shows the percentage and overall breakdown of each age-gender group.

4.Choose the right and influencers

HypeAuditor helps brands filter the right influencers based on multiple aspects. For example the country, the number of followers, industry, etc.

HypeAuditor benefits:

HypeAuditor doesn’t have any direct competitors at the moment. Many platforms provide the same data as identifying fraud, but users still have a responsibility to do research and make sure. The tools that automatically prevent fraud are not at the same level. Because HypeAuditor asks questions from different angles – mainly, how good, not how bad, the influencer’s audience is – they offer more answers than anyone else. You only need a small amount of information to determine what the audience is fake. To prove its quality, you need more.

HypeAuditor has nearly 10 million accounts indexed, which is enough to give HypeAuditor confidence in its accuracy. Over time, this will only become more accurate. You can search for any Instagram account you want, and if you don’t already have it in the database, you can add it by searching. Getting a report will take longer (usually up to 3 minutes) because it requires a lot of indexing, parsing, and analysis of information. However, as long as the account has more than 1,000 followers, AI extracts that information.

HypeAuditor Cons:

The only real drawback of HypeAuditor is that when working with the entire team, it has great limitations. You can find all the reports for each influencer in the Reports tab, and you can then organize them into a list. But you can do a lot for them. At the top of the list, you’ll get the sum of its quality followers and real engagements, and then you’ll see some basic statistics that list each influencer.

HypeAuditor Price

HypeAuditor is available for pay-as-you-go and subscription models. If you use it as a pay-as-you-go basis, you’ll need to pay in advance for a credit line that gives you an impacter report. Each report is valid for one year. The more reports you buy, the cheaper the price for each report:

1 report-$ 30

10 reports – $149 ($14.9 per report)

50 reports – $349 ($6.98 per report)

If you choose to subscribe to a plan, you can use some great advanced features:

Custom integration with your existing software tools through the API

Access influential discovery tools with more than 10 million Instagramand and 3 million YouTube influencers in the database

The growth of Instagram accounts tracks indicators related to background data, such as high-quality audience growth, engagement, and so on.

Instagram account comparison, up to 5 influencers at a time

Instagram Campaign Tracking where you can track and analyze the impact campaigns you’re running

Custom subdomains for sharing reports with partners and customers

A report with a white label that contains the name and logo of your brand or dealer

Dedicated customer support

HypeAuditor alternatives: BrandFollowers

BrandFollowers is a free Instagram tracker that is mainly used to analyze Instagram brands and Instagram followers. BrandFollowers analyzed in detail the country of followers, age, gender, followers and follows, new followers, unfollowers, engagement rates, and fake followers.

BrandFollowers has 1 million influencers and brand data, and it doesn’t have much data than HypeAuditor, but BrandFollowers can track data from any account directly, you only have to wait 5 minutes. You can see a complete analysis report.

BrandFollowers, in addition to tracking each day’s followers and unfollwers, also calculate engagement rates and like-for-like reviews. And BrandFollowers analyzes the country, age, and gender of followers. 

Most importantly, BrandFollowers checks any brand’s followers for fake accounts. 

Today, Instagram is flooded with fake followers, and BrandFollowers can be used to get access to these troubles. 

BrandFollowers enables brands to gain new social followings and manage competitive social spaces.

As social networks become more noisy and time-consuming, and brands become more difficult to reach a loyal audience, our tools will be dedicated to addressing these requirements.

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