How to wipe a hard drive.

How to wipe a hard drive.

If you are getting rid of an old computer or upgrading your hard drive or SSD card for something bigger, faster, or just newer, you need to make sure your data is wiped clean for your older hardware.

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Why? Because if you don’t someone else could easily get hold of the drive and could all of your personal files and folders.
It’s common for most users to sale or gives away computer to the hard drive when they want to dispose of an old device or upgrade to new ones. You may have already formatted the hard drive or deleted files on it in order to erase sensitive personal data and avoid becoming the victim of identity theft.
Before you swipe or smash your old drive to pieced, the first thing you should do is back up anything important on it. Like family events special photos, documents, emails whatever data is important to you. You can transfer it to another drive.

Wiping out a hard drive is not as easy as deleting data or formatting the hard disk. Simply deleting files by shift + delete button or emptying a recycle bin does not permanently clear data, as deleted files can easily be recovered by recovery software.
The method wipes computer by using the reset feature in window 8.1 or window 10 during reinstall operating system which has no option to remove everything on a hard drive. This section takes windows 10 as an example to explain how to wipe the computer completely. if your computer has an older window version you can try these steps below.

⦁ Click the “start” menu and select “setting” option on windows setting pane click ” update and security ” option.
⦁ Click ” recovery ” option on the left navigation option and then click get ” started” button under ” Reset this PC section”
⦁ Select the option ” remove everything” which removes all of your personal files apps and setting and start over.
⦁ Select ” remove files and clean the drive ” when you are asked to whether to clean the drive too. It takes a long time to erase but nobody can recover again.
⦁ Click the ” next and reset” button on the following steps to complete the task.

Second method…
Start by right-clicking “start” then selecting windows power shell ( admin ) this opens the windows power shell environment with administrator privileges.
This is a command-line tool, in to which you can input text-based instruction.
The command which is going to use follow the syntax.
formate volume /p : passes
Here “volume” refers to the drive letter while /p is the format command” passes” refer to the number of times you want each sector of the disk to be overwritten.
so, if your drive letter was x and you wanted five passes of formatting you would use.
formate X: /p:5
It is as simple as that wait while the device is wiped, then reuse it as naked.
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