How to promote my business on facebook with a complete guide?

promote your business on facebook is a process that requires persistence and constant testing, but if it works, the benefits are huge.

Facebook stands on 68% of the world’s social resources, has an absolutely large user base on facebook, but the process of building contacts requires patience and perseverance, the following is facebook, promote the business of a complete guide, hope to help more businesses.

1.Starting a company business page

Go to facebook, click on the top right corner of your facebook page, and select “create home page”. Based on your product positioning, select “Business or Brand” and “Community or Public Figure”.

Then set the page name and industry, set the logo, address, contact information, website, business hours, products and other specific information.

2. Release regularly

Posts follow the 80/20 principle, 80% interesting news and 20% related business. Posts get more attention when users spend the most time online.

Frequency of Posting; Post at least one post a day.

Post to pay attention to quality. A few important comments, high-quality video, and interesting pictures can attract users.

3.Facebook Messenger app tips

Now that people have easy access to information and many choices, it’s hard to establish that trying to drive people’s buying behavior through exposure. Even if it is heavily promoted and seen by people, it is not easy to attract people’s attention and impression.

Therefore, we should try our best to retain customers and promote the interaction rate

Use the built-in functions of the fan page to achieve the automatic reply function, or set the automatic reply robot according to keywords.

Go to the Facebook fan page and switch your prompt response to “yes.”

4. Promote facebook pages

Expand your audience by placing a link to your Facebook page on your email signature and business card, or the most powerful offer code on your Facebook page.

Synchronize all industry messages in a timely manner. It can attract more followers.

5. Carry out activities

Some holiday marketing industry to do, such as valentine’s day, women’s day, children’s day, Christmas, and so on, these are marketing activities can be launched a good time.

Each festival has a new exhibit to promote or a marketing campaign.

Or use the facebook stories series to introduce products to users in a more personal way.

6.Join a facebook group and create your own

Facebook groups are a good way to get publicity. Facebook groups have already gathered a group of potential users.

Also, to create your own group, try adding other contacts to the group or sending regular industry messages to your group to attract more users.

7. Start a facebook AD campaign

If you think the natural way to attract users is too slow, or the natural way to attract users is not very good, you can open Facebook to get traffic.

The Facebook advertising management tool is very perfect, facebook’s advertising format has pictures, video, rotation, and other styles 1

Video advertising Video Ad, single Video

Carousel Ad shows multiple pictures or video’s in a Single Ad

Slideshow Ad, which combines multiple photos into a single video, applies to any Internet speed

A Collection Ad that displays a single image or a single video, followed by multiple product images

Full-screen advertising Canvas Ad, combined with any of the above advertising formats, brings full-screen experience

Facebook AD location:


Feeds (mobile and desktop)

Right Column (desktop only)

Instant Articles (mobile-only, with dynamic message version bits)

In-stream Videos (mobile only)

Instagram (similar to photo-only or video tweets)

Feeds (mobile and desktop)

Stories (mobile-only, this bit can only be launched separately)

Audience Network (Facebook’s advertising alliance)

Native, Banner and Interstitial (mobile only)

In-stream Videos (mobile and desktop)

Rewarded Videos (only support mobile end)

8. Choose the right marketing target

Facebook has 11 marketing goals, each with its own usage scenarios

1. Awareness: at the top of the marketing channel, raise awareness and become familiar with the face

Brand awareness: promote to users who are more likely to spend more time browsing ads

Local awareness: use local awareness to attract people near your company.

Coverage: reach as many users as possible

2. Precautions: the middle layer of marketing channels can increase participation

Traffic: promoted to users who are more likely to visit their target location (site, etc.)

Engagement: promote to users who are more likely to interact, comment, share, and respond to events.

Application installation: promote to users who are more likely to install applications

Video views: promoted to users who are more likely to watch video

Lead generation: collect lead information from interested users

Message: attract more users to contact you through Messenger

3. Transformation: marketing channel bottom increase transformation

Conversion times: promoted to users who are more likely to convert, including operations added to the shopping cart, etc.

Catalog sales: automatically displays catalog items based on the target audience

Store access: promote multiple stores to nearby users

9.Pick the right crowd

Core audience: region, gender, age, language, and other segments.

Custom audience: resell to customers who have already been converted.

Lookalike audience: there is already a similar audience of transformed customers

10. Appropriate advertising content

Facebook has strict limits on the content of ads, and all ads must be vetted before they can be shown to users.

When making advertising materials, ad spy can be used to analyze successful advertising ideas. For example, I use a free ad spy tool called BigSpy. To view successful game footage.

Open bigspy’s facebook ad spy page. Positions type “game” and CTA selects “PLAY_GAME” and Sort By Like. The following results were obtained:


Above is a simple guide to promote the business, now there are many tools to help us do better marketing, a powerful tool will help us a lot.

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