How to Download Images from Instagram?

Instagram is the top social media platform used by millions of people around each corner of the globe to share their pictures and videos. Not only does Instagram allows its users to upload the content of their choice but it also offers various filters and editing options to make your pictures look better and prettier. It has many features but the only thing that is lacking in Instagram is that it does not provide you an option to download pictures on your device. Although there is an option where you could save the desired picture or video specifically on your account but that does not make it available offline. Also, the saved content will disappear from the bookmarked items box if the person who posted that picture deletes it or removes you from their follower’s list or turns their public account into a private account.

These restrictions on downloading data to your device memory are major because Instagram wants its users to come back online every time, they want to see a picture or use it as a reference in certain situations. This increases the revenues of the platform as people will have to constantly keep logging in to their accounts to access that data.

But there are some instances where you like some pictures so much that you want to save it privately on your device and you do not want to lose that specific content. To solve this problem and to allow people to download Instagram photos directly to their device’s gallery, various third-party apps are available on Android, Apple as well as Windows stores. These apps will allow you to download data into your device just like you could download data from other social media platforms or even non-social media platforms. After you have downloaded the content you could watch it without having to log into Instagram time and again. You would also not need any internet connection to view the files.

One such app that could be used by people willing to download pictures from Instagram in their phone memory and make it available without an internet connection is Instaneek. It is a platform that has been designed keeping in mind those people who like to keep the content handy all the time. This app could be used to download any form of picture or video into your device from any platform. The image will be available in a .jpg format. Its quality will be the same as it was available on Instagram. It would help you to surpass all the restrictions on downloading content from Instagram.

However, we would still recommend you keep the downloaded content to yourself and do not repost it. This app provides you with a way to download the content and not with the permission to post it somewhere. Even if you wish to repost it on Instagram or anywhere else, consider seeking the consent of the original creator. Not doing so might land you in legal complications.

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