How to analyze competitors’ facebook ad strategies?

We all know that it is important to analyze competitors’ marketing strategies. Once the social media top1 was Myspace. But in 2008, Facebook’s rise to the top, surpassing its competitors by surpassing its competitors by surpassing its competitors with 1.239 users in just one year. Since then, Facebook has grown rapidly, accounting for 80 percent of social media traffic.

In the same field, any competitor needs to be careful and carefully analyze his promotion strategy. Many facts tell us that a good product can attract users, but publicity is more important. A powerful promotion strategy that can quickly gain access to users and defeat opponents in a short time. So we’re going to analyze our competitors’ advertising strategy.

Today, users’ common promotional strategies include natural search, paid search, social media advertising, influencers promotion, mail marketing, and more.

In some of these forms of publicity, social media advertising requires careful analysis. A good social ad spy can quickly get ads, and a successful ad will get a lot of user promotion.

In social ads, Facebook ads have a sophisticated ad system, 2 billion users, and lower advertising prices are favored by many advertisers.

When facebook competitor analysis, we focus on the following sections:

Ad ideas: Facebook’s ad ideas determine whether an entire ad is key to success.

Ads: Facebook ads are the promotion of advertising creativity

see competitive Facebook ads:

Take advantage of tools such as BigSpy

BigSpy is an ad transparency tool that lets you search for keywords or categories such as “shoes” or “marketing” and view ads that are currently running that involve sits on the topic of your choice. It works very much like Facebook’s ad library – including that it doesn’t seem to collect all the ads that are running at any given time.

Still, the information you can learn here is valuable. As with the Facebook Library tool, you can search for trends from specific competitors and see those long-standing activities. You can get all the ideas, from what type of CTA works best, to see how they engage users at different stages of the channel.

BigSpy is a free ad spy tool that gives you insight into competitors’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Yahoo Ads from a dashboard. This helps you get a comprehensive view that helps you truly evaluate your brand’s strategy and put every link in place.

It works like Facebook’s ad library, but it contains more campaigns and gives you a wider range of campaigns to see, so take a moment to look at both.

Analyze a competitor’s Facebook audience:

Get a look at your competitors’ Facebook audiences with Audience Insights

Facebook’s free Audience Insights tool provides the best of the aggregated insights of people associated with your own Facebook page and people on Facebook.

Because it’s hard to build large Facebook pages without ads, this is an indirect way to see people who connect with a competitor’s Facebook page, some of which may come from their ads.

By looking at the composition of people who particularly like rival Facebook Pages, you can take advantage of Audience Insights to make the most of it.

The tool shows you their demographics, other pages they like, and so on, and you can use that information to create potential new buyer roles that can be customized and targeted in Facebook Ads.

For applicable businesses:

E-commerce platform: Facebook is now the largest marketing platform for cross-border e-commerce, with a successful ad on Facebook that can quickly generate thousands of traffic.

Ordinary Business: Facebook has 2 billion users and half of the world’s population. Building a fanpage on Facebook can attract more traffic on the one hand and communicate with users more easily on the other.

Small brick-and-mortar store owners: Some physical stores that rely on offline users run ads on Facebook and can use geographic location to promote their stores.

These are ways to analyze the advertising strategies of competitors’ Facebook. A better understanding of competitors can grow faster and more effectively.

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