Here’s How to Get Better with Storytelling on Instagram?

Storytelling on InstagramThere are more than 1 billion users on Instagram and out of the 500 million people doing storytelling on Instagram every day. And you’d be surprised to know that one-third of each storytelling on Instagram comes from a brand. With more and more people joining Instagram, it has become easy to reach your customers and introduce your business to them.

Although Instagram stories stay no longer than 24 hours you know you have accomplished your goal when you successfully attract visitors through storytelling on Instagram?

Depending upon the content you create for your story, you can reach your customers worldwide and grab a spoonful of revenue. With captivating stories, you can not only connect with the users but can also mold them to customers. That’s the power of storytelling on Instagram.

Considering this importance of storytelling on Instagram, now let me tell you how to use storytelling to scale your business audience.

Show Creativity but Not Perfection

The concept of perfection is boring. People believe you more when they find your stories relatable to them. Share about your business events, new items, future events and sale promotions in a creative way. Don’t brag a lot because the audience is smart today, they can differentiate between bragging and reality.

Plan out your stories and try to raise a curiosity in your viewers through it. If you share the photos directly to your story without planning, your customers will treat you like normal. But if you plan for it and write a message on each story and the end leaves the users with thoughts, you’ll receive great interaction on your stories. If you work on perfecting your stories, you’ll not only delay the stories but will also bizarre the audience.

Tips and Tricks for Storytelling:

  • Play with Emojis: To make your content interactive, add the emojis to it. It helps in piquing audience interest and make the story content captivating.
  • Hashtags: Using relevant hashtags can help people to find about you when they enter the specific hashtag. Like a post, don’t add too many hashtags, but a few and relevant ones.
  • Mention(@): Mentioning other brands or people in your story will let you appear in front of them. It also encourages your tagged friends to share your stories.
  • Text: Try to add short and captivating content with your stories to define the details. It makes your stories more authentic and engaging.

Share the Reality

Instead of faking content and uploading stock photos on your IG stories, try to talk about reality. Show what you are up to. If your business is covering any event or something interesting is happening at your place, show it to people. Customers are eager to learn how you work, what’s your location and who are your team members. The good thing about Instagram is that it encourages transparency and the more transparent you appear, the better you’ll learn to expand your reach. Even if you’re looking for how to make money on Instagram then storytelling will also help you with that.

When you include customers in everything you do, you make them feel special. This increases their trust in you and makes your position more credible.

What’s Working Best?

Now that you know the art of storytelling and have started doing it, track the engagement you receive on your stories. Which one is working best? Which one is receiving the audience’s reply? Which one is getting successful?

The stats of the stories are the key metrics to learn your audience’s behaviors and craft content according to their interests. It will let you know which content resonates with the audience and which areas need improvement. After knowing what your audience wants you can be more specific with digital storytelling and address their pain points successfully. And if you’re not receiving engagement with your stories, it’s time to work on the strategies.


If you’ve your business website and have spent enough on SEO services, it’s time to start boosting your digital presence with your IG account. It will not only keep you fresh in the competition but will also help you to expand your global reach.

And at last, creativity is important. Enjoy the storytelling with your audience and share things that increase your relationship with them. When you start ruling your audience’s trust, that’s when you start growing.

Let’s wind up and start working on effective storytelling on Instagram.

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