Fresh Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Podcast

The podcast can be made by anybody. A smartphone can be used for recording the show and net is required for uploading it. Hence you will not face any difficulty or problem related with technology. Generally, the people with creative ideas and thinking start their podcast show. But these kinds of people are large in number and so there are so many podcast shows available to listen to. If you want to keep your podcasts separate from other shows then you can list them on Google Play Music, Spotify and iTunes so that the audience can easily find you. Now I will tell you fresh marketing ideas of promoting the podcast.

1.Take benefit from social media and blog posts – You can use social media for podcast promotion. Sometimes a special guest is invited on the show and he gives some important information on a particular subject. If your friends are interested in this subject then you can inform them about this by providing them its link.

Blog posts can also be used for its promotion. You need to publish the blog post having information about the show and can send links of those websites, services and products to the audience in which they are interested.

2.Make some other podcasters your partners – There are some episodes in which the audience take a lot of interest. You should invite the podcasters of these episodes by contacting them and then do some cross-promotion i.e., you promote their episodes and they promote the episodes. In this way your audience as well as your partners’ audience will increase in number.

For doing this they must be present on your podcast and you must be present on their podcasts. You can show a small part of their episode on your podcast.

3.Take help from some companies by inviting them to sponsor you – If you think that you will be sponsored by a company only by having a large number of listeners then it is not true.

You can request a company to sponsor the podcast by showing its items and services in your show. For helping you they can use their accounts on social media for displaying your show, or they can promote the show free of cost.

4.You can put a video of the audio podcast – If people are doing exercise or doing some work then they can entertain themselves and also feel comfortable by listening to the audio podcast. If the episodes are interesting then people will also like to see its video. For this you need to create a video of the show. The next step is putting it on Vimeo or YouTube. In this way a huge audience will start viewing the show who was previously unaware of it.

5.Taking help of some great people interviewed by you – When some special people come to your show as a guest for promoting a movie, book or item etc. then they can be doing it by running a campaign for marketing purposes. You can convince them to display the show in the marketing channels.

This type of piggybacking will help you in increasing the audience who will listen to your show.

6.Offer some interesting things to your audience – You can use the logo of the podcast on the hats, mugs and t-shirts and then can offer these to some special audience. In this way you can advertise the show. For example the first 50 people who are listening to the show and have shared its link with their friends can be awarded these items for free.

7.Several meetings can be organized for your fans – It doesn’t matter if the podcast is shown in a local area but people all over the country can listen to it. The people who like it so much may wish to gather with the people of the same thinking. So, you can arrange a meeting of the listeners in your community. You can also take advice from them about how new shows should be made and what additional things you can include in the shows?

8.Make a podcast episode which includes the interesting parts of popular episodes – Watch the clips of some very popular episodes and then do some editing. Take out the unique clips of those episodes and assemble them in making a single episode. In this way more and more people will start listening to the show because they will get the information about the show through this episode.

9.You can make your show on the road in between the audience – If a large number of people have started listening to the show then you can start making it on the road. You can go to a restaurant to record the show. In this way you will know about the audience and some more people will start listening to the show.

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