Four ways to make facebook marketing more efficient

Facebook is the largest social networking platform in the world, and because of its traffic attributes, facebook has become the primary marketing choice. Many businesses choose to do their marketing on facebook, and here are a few facebook marketing tips to help you do it better.

  • quality content
  • Post Engagement Ads
  • multiple video’s
  • specific people

First: quality content

When we do facebook marketing, we find that most of the traffic comes from only one or a few of the ads, and the rest of the ads only generate a small amount of traffic. This is in line with the 80/20 principle. 20% of ads generate 80% of traffic.

So, we want to do good advertising, good advertising mainly lies in good content.

A great facebook marketing case can’t be separated from great advertising content. I often use bigspy to find users’ favorite ads.

To find ways to improve content conversion, use facebook ad spy to find good content.

Bigspy is an ad spy tool. With nearly 200 million AD ideas, it can find the most popular ads among users.

In addition to using bigspy to find good ads, here are some common advertising tips:

1. Use pictures of pets. Many people like pets.

2. Use emoticons: use emoticons to get more thumb ups

3. Add human expressions to the picture

4. Use cta to attract clicks

Second: Post Engagement Ads

The purpose of Post Engagement Ads: to reach new audiences and keep in touch with existing customers

Facebook home page post interactive ads help you share business information with users. You can use this type of advertising to promote home page posts and attract users to take action. With the help of results analysis such as BBS, shares or comments, the home page post interactive ads can also help you understand the audience’s favorite dynamics and content types, thus creating more posts that they like.

If a user thumb up and shares a post, it usually means that the post effectively covers more than 6 or 7 people. The way the Facebook platform offers to reach new audiences is unique to us because we’ve never tried to do that in our previous AD campaigns.

Post Engagement Ads

Third: multiple video’s

According to statistics, Facebook currently has 8 billion videos a day — and these videos tend to be the source of most interactions (whether “thumb up”, “like”, “share” or “comment”)!

It’s no secret that Facebook has been fighting the Youtube chamber for the top spot in marketing at video. So when using Facebook to publish video content, don’t put Youtube links in the post, but upload video directly, so as to avoid the risk of ranking or prioritizing due to external links.

Of course, the most important thing is the content itself: short video, instant video, humorous video and video full of emotional appeal and story often win a lot of interaction — and the interaction itself leads to more interaction, which eventually becomes a “viral” effect. For merchants and advertisers, the ideal distribution should be 30% of the marketing video and 70% of the “viral” communication elements of video (the same rule applies to non-video content/regular posts).

Tiktok is hot right now, video marketing is an emerging marketing channel in the next few years, facebook’s support for video will grow.

Youtube was acquired by Google before. When we search keywords on Google, video recommendation of youtube is often found, which indicates that Google supports video very strongly.


Number four: specific people

First:Preferred audience targeting is a new feature that Facebook has added. This new feature allows you to target a post with a specific audience, and it’s free!

You can choose to post to specific groups of people, and only the people you choose will see your posts! This is, in effect, a gesture by Facebook to give power to merchants (the people who post the posts) : let the merchants filter their audience first, actively filtering out people who are unlikely to be interested in a message; For businesses, it is also beneficial, compared with the previous lazy “publicity”, businesses make more selective and targeted speech to enhance interaction; More targeted, social and qualitative dialogue.

Second: use lookalike audience: with enough data, you can clone the best-performing Facebook audience. Facebook’s “ lookalike audience” feature lets you appeal to an existing audience and expand your reach by looking for new potential customers with similar attributes. You can almost clone your best customers. It’s that simple!

There are a lot of facebook marketing methods, but the above is just a summary of the common ones. Hope you can find the best marketing method.

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