Five Questions to Ask a Digital Marketing Agency Before Hiring Them

Companies using digital marketing know that it has so many dimensions that it requires a ton of work, which makes it challenging for businesses to manage the work in-house. This is the reason why it occupies the third spot as the most commonly delegated business function after IT services and accounting.

If you want to have a dedicated team of experts working for your company and employing the best practices available, then hire a digital marketing agency is right for you. However, you have to choose an agency that works in your favor and provides you with desirable results. You need to exercise due diligence to make the right selection from out of the different options available for your business. For this you need to ask the right set of questions that will aid your decision making and utilize the experience of a best-fit digital marketing agency.

Below are the five questions you should ask a digital marketing agency before hiring them. 

1 – What’s your process, and how it will help me achieve my goals?  


You are likely to receive a long answer to this question, which may include how the agency approaches digital marketing and working with the clients. Digital marketing agencies that have at least a few years of experience are likely to have a general process they employ for their clients. Their answer will enable you to judge how much experience they have and how organized they are with the work. 

If an agency fails to give you details of their working process at each step, then consider the agency as inefficient for your job and move on to find another. 

2 – How has been your experience of working with a similar business, if any?

The question will check the agency’s scope and experience of working with a similar industry. Most agencies will try to convince you that they have all the necessary tools to fulfill your marketing needs, but the tools are not fit for all marketing purposes. Each industry has different needs, and it demands different marketing techniques too.

For example, if your industry is healthcare-related, then the agency needs to work with a similar business before and proved its efficiency.    

3 – How closely will you work with my team?

Communication is the foundation of any client-agency relationship. The agency must have a designated structure to ensure that they make weekly phone calls, regular e-mail updates, etc. If it’s not evident in the contract, then you should get it in writing from the agency that they will maintain regular communication.

An agency should also be open to sharing the strategies and giving out information. If the agency is reluctant to involve your team and maintaining secrecy, then they might not be right for you. 

4 – How will you measure the success of your marketing actions?


From picking the right font size for your homage to creating the right call-to-action landing page, it all requires to get done with some reasoning. The digital marketing agency you hire should be able to support their actions with the data. When you are speaking to an agency, ask them about metrics, benchmarks, and analytics. The agency shall answer to your questions by converting the jargon-heavy words in simple terms.

Apart from what actions are they going to track, inquire about how often they will draft a report on progress? Also, ask them about adjustments they will make if the current campaign does not seem to be working.

5 – Which services will I get with the given cost, and what will cost extra? 

You cannot decide without knowing how much an agency will cost you. If you have planned a budget, then ensure that what the agency demands lie within your budget. And you should also know that the services you will receive will match your marketing expectations. You would not want to realize after signing a contract that the agency does not offer a specific service that you require.   

All things considered 

There are various types of marketing agencies available in the market today. But, most of them will offer you services that they can provide rather than services that you need. Therefore, while hiring a digital marketing agency, you should ensure that it is capable of providing you with the right services, and it has the potential to get you the results. By asking the questions mentioned above, you will be better able to decide if the agency is right for you. 


SEO team: It’s not easy to make a business rank first on Google. It involves a lot of struggle, and it’s better to have a dedicated team working for the same. Since algorithms of search engines keep updating, you need to have a skilled team that can keep with the changes. 

Marketing team: The primary roles of the marketing department are designing campaigns and evaluating their return-on-investment. Marketing people are responsible for creating and running digital campaigns.   

Customer care team: The accounting department primarily deals with your clients, but if the client has any queries, then he/she can contact a customer care team. The customer care team does the job of resolving the customer’s queries; it will better the workflow and avoid future errors.  

With the massive internet usage across the globe and upsurge in digital content, the advertising shift is moving towards digital platforms. And if a business owner wants to market their products or services digitally, then they are likely to contact your digital agency. And when a customer approaches your agency, you must have a well-functioning team to fulfill the requirements of your customers. 

Digital advertisingis highly effective in increasing the profits of any business, and maybe that’s why more people are turning towards digital agencies to foster their online presence. For instance, a single dollar spent on e-mail marketing can provide a return of $38. But if you want your customers to experience the same benefits, then you must have an efficient working team in place. 

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