Facebook Marketing For Restaurants:10 facebook marketing methods to get more customers

Promoting your restaurant for Facebook is already a thing that many people are doing. Facebook is the social platform with the most users, and marketing on Facebook is already a mature choice. There are a lot of restaurants that do marketing on Facebook. If you want to win from so many competitors, you need some skills. This article shares 11 ways that everyone recognizes.

1. Understand the competition
No matter which industry, knowing competitors is one thing that must be done when doing marketing.
I am using bigspy, a free facebook ad spy tool, to view US restaurant ads. Get the following results:

The presentation styles that everyone uses are mostly pictures, and some videos, and good ads run for a few months. Some restaurants have their own websites, the cta used is “SIGN_UP”, and the other restaurants use cta “SHOP_NOW”, “LEARN_MORE”, “NO_BUTTON”.

2. Promote your page with Facebook Ads
Facebook wants to get more users quickly, and using Facebook Ads is the choice of most people.
Some successful restaurant facebook advertising cases:
1. The sandwich shop provided a “buy one get one free” coupon on the messenger as a sponsorship message for a total of 417 redemptions. The revenue of repeat customers increased by $7,000.
Miller hired a digital advertising agency, Misfit Media, with restaurant expertise to help launch a new campaign that would cover the people associated with the sandwich chain and increase sales through Messenger. Miller’s and Misfit chose to focus on the sponsorship news on Messenger. The team sees Messenger as a cost-effective and engaging way to offer a one-for-one discount on Miller’s signature roast beef sandwich. The offer has a two-week deadline, and Miller hopes the cut-off date will lead to a surge in sales.

2.This grill restaurant chain increased memberships and a 7X return on ad spend using Facebook lead ads and promoting offers.
Firebirds hopes to find new “Inner Circle” members to create loyal guests who often eat and bring more revenue to the company. This restaurant knows that getting more members is the secret to accelerating its growth. As a result, Firebirds created an ad campaign consisting of two Facebook-leading ads.
The first is a short video tape that introduces popular menu items on a wood fire. If the viewer clicks on the “Sign Up” button to join the Inner Circle, they can enjoy a $10 discount. Firebirds sends ads to similar audiences with similar interests to active club members.
The company sent a second ad to the second ad, which included images of the restaurant’s famous caramel pudding cheesecake for the upcoming birthday. The ad offers a $10 birthday offer to viewers who click on the “Sign up” button to become an Inner Circle member.
The call-to-action button for the two leading ads directs the audience to a pre-populated form that can be customized by the advertiser. Leaded ads provide Firebirds with the information they need to contact them. Both viewers received a follow-up email, including a birthday greeting or welcome message, and offered a $10 offer, which expired after 2 weeks to increase the sense of urgency.

3. Share your menu
To do marketing on facebook, the first thing to do is to promote your menu, tell nearby users, what foods you can provide, use food to attract more users, make a simple menu video, and make eye-catching video ads. People are willing to come to your restaurant experience.

4. Please try the foodie
Connect with one of the most interactive and passionate food audiences on the web. There are many users who like to share food on the Internet. Please come to the restaurant to try it out, do a detailed evaluation, analyze the restaurant environment, dining atmosphere, restaurant food and other detailed items, and then share it with more users.
5. More interaction
When a user with facebook sees your post and asks for a message, he or she should reply to the message in time, and a quick response can get more user comments.

6. Restaurant website production
You can make a simple restaurant website or an app install. In this way, encourage diners to buy back and let them download your mobile app.
The benefits of installing a mobile app: “Looking for a menu”: Many Vancouver diners (especially when selling at a restaurant) will look at the menu on the website. If you can’t find the restaurant website, the menu is hard to find, just change one.
“Contact”: You can get contact information for users who are interested in the restaurant.
“Online Ordering”: If your restaurant has an open online ordering feature, this feature will get more users.
“Collect Personal Capital”: Collect customer’s email through the subscription function of the restaurant website. Whenever you have a new dish, you can directly notify hundreds of people by email and directly sizzle in the shortest time.
Or the user has some comments and can feedback to the restaurant via email.
“Looking for a menu”: Many diners (especially when selling at a restaurant) will always look at the menu on the website.

7. Facebook Fan Page (Fan Page) application
Facebook will award blue verification badges to eligible brands, media organizations and public figures. The Facebook homepage certification also effectively improves the authenticity and credibility of a fan page, facilitates brand image and promotion, and leaves a positive first impression on users who visit your homepage on Facebook.

8. Multi-platform promotion
In addition to facebook, it can also be promoted on multiple platforms, such as twitter, instagram, and pinterest. These platforms are more suitable for the promotion of restaurants, because users like to view restaurants recommended by other users from these platforms. Many platforms like twitter, instagram, pinterest, and facebook prefer to talk about restaurants and food.

Here is the instagram restaurant ad searched from bigspy

9. Email Marketing
Send emails to a large number of new users, add Facebook links to email signatures, attract them to restaurants, and get their contacts and profiles from interested people.

10. Post video
When browsing facebook, users are more interested in watching videos, and a fun video content can attract more users. The length of the video should not be too long, with a video: 15s to 1 minute; long video: 3 minutes to 5 minutes, these two video types are more likely to attract customers.
In addition to publishing videos on Facebook, the youtube, tiktok platforms also have a large number of potential users.

11. Viral spread
Using a social media platform such as Instagram and Twitter to create a “viral effect”—that is, helping a variety of companies capture a large number of fans and high attention overnight, has become a big deal. Many pastry chefs, photographers, students, and part-time parties have successfully achieved the role of virus propaganda in the past few years. They have launched a series of online red restaurants and net red foods, which have made many businesses hot-hearted. They are willing to participate in the production of viral content in order to get more traffic in the highly competitive catering market.

The above 11 methods, I hope to provide you with some new ideas and better marketing methods.

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