Facebook competitor analysis: the best tool for analyzing competitor Facebook ads

In the study of advertising marketing, facebook is the largest platform with the most users and the most complicated operation. Placing ads on facebook is not only a challenge but also a great opportunity. Many people have achieved success on facebook, and it is also a trend for more advertisers to place ads on facebook.

In addition to paying attention to your own data and optimizing your account, advertising on facebook should also pay attention to your competitors and conduct analysis on your competitors. In addition to finding advantages of your competitors, you should also find disadvantages from your competitors. There are several commonly used competitor analysis tools, including paid and free ones.

1. Adspy

AdSpy has the world’s largest database of Instagram and Facebook ads — more than 61 million in 91 countries. In addition, the tool won our favor with its extensive search capabilities. You can choose to search AD text, thumb up times or target web page technology. AdSpy can even search for user comments, a feature we haven’t found in any other tool.

The results will be delivered in a clean manner, with information about positioning and effects. Although the price is not cheap, the $149 price is definitely reasonable.


  • Instagram and Facebook Ads have huge databases
  • Advertisements from 91 countries/regions
  • The search function can search user comments
  • Valuable information on positioning and effects

The price:$149 per month

2. Poweradspy

The name isn’t the only thing similar to AdSpy and PowerAdSpy. The latter also focuses on detailed search. However, in the case of PowerAdSpy, the number of available ads is much smaller, with 5 million ads from 15 countries/territories.

PowerAdSpy, which focuses its services only on Facebook, is much cheaper. However, you should consider that free and base rate services are strictly limited. If you really want to take advantage of the capabilities offered by this tool, you must be prepared to pay $99 per month.


  • 5 million ads from 15 countries/regions
  • Exclusive Facebook ads
  • Detailed search function

The price:$99 per month

3. AdBeat

AdBeat has insights into sports from more than 20 countries. When it comes to search, AdBeat also trumps WhatRunsWhere. You can filter prices per click, and even make direct comparisons between two competitors if you choose to pay for premium accounts. In addition, AdBeat will recommend publishers that are similar to those used by your competitors.

AdBeat doesn’t have many search engines working, and the data quality may not be as good. Prices start at $249 a month.


  • Advertisements from more than 20 countries/regions
  • Full filter function
  • You can directly compare your competitors’ options
  • AdBeat’s Google competitor is more analytical than facebook’s

The price:From $249 per month

4. BigSpy

Bigspy has a huge database of nearly every advertising type, niche market and country. It has more than 100 million ads from more than 40 countries and regions, more than 40 AD types and is growing. You can easily place ads on social media and get results in seconds.

Bigspy also provides an intuitive layout for beginners and professionals. This tool allows you to search for ads based on your keywords, country, type, landing page and more on a line, which will help you find the best ads possible. In addition to looking at ads on Facebook, you can also look at admob, pinterest, and ads on Facebook. Of course, if you are an advertiser on an e-commerce platform, congratulations! The platform also has a feature called shopify spy, and you can use the same feature. Best of all, you’ll find competing publishers’ monetization strategies, tracking viral trends and attracting new advertisers.


  • 200 million ads from over 40 countries/regions
  • Comprehensive filtering and sorting functions
  • Facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, Google, yahoo6 platforms

Price: free

5. Facebook AD library

This is facebook’s official tool, which allows you to see all suspended and active ads since May 2018, but the search filter is not perfect


  • The most comprehensive advertising materials
  • Timeliness and large inventory

Price: free

These are some of the best facebook competitor analysis tools, and from these tools, find the most suitable one.

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