Facebook advertising copy: how do you write compelling copy

Facebook’s advertising has such a good conversion effect that it has become the most popular social marketing platform. On the one hand, it depends on the number of daily active users of facebook. According to statistics, 70% of facebook users in the United States log on to facebook every day.

On the other hand, facebook’s algorithm is very updated and can accurately promote products. After advertisers set basic information such as the crowd, facebook will display the products according to the Settings.

For a better facebook AD conversion, it depends on three parts: the content of the AD. Advertising crowd, advertising budget.

A good AD content can help advertisers attract users and get more traffic.

When writing facebook AD copy, pay attention to the following:

1. Write copywriting according to the advertising group:

Facebook’s account management divides advertising audience into three categories: core audience, custom audience and Lookalike audience.

Core population refers to: find as many people as possible according to geographical location, age, gender, equipment, interests, occupation, etc.

Custom audience: generally for secondary marketing.

Lookalike audience: similar audience, belong to the accurate crowd.

No matter what kind of crowd Settings are used to promote the product, we should edit the copywriting content according to the attributes of the product.

2. Advertising placement:

a.Facebook Feed: your ads appear in your desktop News Feed or mobile News Feed.

Image scale: 1.91:1 to 4:5

Text: 125 characters

Title: 25 characters

Link description: 30 characters

b.Facebook Right Column: Right Column ads are desktop only. These ads most often appear in the right column of a Facebook page, but may also appear in other areas of the site.

Text: 125 characters

Title: 25 characters

Link description: 30 characters

c.Facebook Instant Articles: publish any kind of Articles, from daily news to longer Articles. Instant Articles seamlessly integrates with your current workflow and existing production tools.

Each AD position has a different presentation style and can display different content.

Facebook Instant Articles

3. Advertising format:

Image: Image advertising is the most frequently used presentation style in advertising style. You can also add short text to your images to attract users.

Video: Video ads are the most recommended by facebook. Video ads are better to attract users, and Video should be less than 15s.

Carousel: to increase the number of apps installed, FoxNext games has experimented with rotating photo ads, which offer an immersive advertising experience with a 61 percent increase in app installations compared to video ads.

Common advertisements.

4. Advertising slogan

Generally speaking, the first sentence at the beginning of the advertisement is how to seduce the user’s mood. How to… How to… ? According to… ? Do you have… The problem? Ask users to think about whether they have encountered this problem before, and resonate.

5. Product description

If it is an electronic product or service marketing category, it is best to categorize the product features clearly, some important features organized list.

6.Should you put long or short links in your copywriting?

Long link: not good-looking, too long, occupy character

Short link: also jump, load time a little longer

Data shows that placing two links in copywriting greatly helps increase the click-through rate.

7. Material

The material is the most important, especially the cover. Here briefly about the production of video advertising. Video advertising is well done, and the elements can be disassembled in the same way, such as the use scene of the product, before and after use (fb is strict in the review of the content before and after the use, which requires skill to avoid), product feature, full picture of the product, video inserted emoticons and highlighted subtitles, real product picture and so on. Try to show only 15s in 15s, generally no more than 60s. The reason is that some version bits have limited material time.

8. The title

If you use conversion volume as the target, there is usually a title and display text. The title doesn’t have to be a product name. It can be anything that stimulates the user to click. No matter the preferential discussion of “sell 2 pieces for the whole game, sell 2 pieces for all”, do not fall into the “trap” that the title can only write about this video content, the title can write “stimulation point”, pain point or the psychology that the user has had.

As for the text below the display link, I will write Free shipping,70% offer,cash on delivery,hot sale 10000+, etc., to illustrate my advantages or to create an atmosphere of being out of stock or having a big sale.

9. The CTA

Call buttons, learn more and more about these buttons to test. General e-commerce class commonly used shop_now, service class using send_message.

10. Sales promotion

The discount formula is long-lasting, so that customers can have the advantage of the psychological. Especially when it comes to holidays. But it’s important to note that not every product needs to be discounted, and users are increasingly aware that it’s a formula.

AD copy tools -spy tools:

Commonly used tools are bigspy, adspy, adspyhub, poweradspy, socialpeta.

Here’s a quick overview of how to use the facebook adspy tool, taking the free facebook ads spy tool as an example:

Bigspy has a huge database of nearly every type of advertising, market segment and country. It has more than 100 million ads and more than 40 AD types from more than 40 countries and regions and is growing. You can easily get social media ads and channels in seconds.

Open bigspy.com, sign up and log in, find the facebook spy page, search “T-shirt”, country choose the United States, time choose the last three months, you can see the recent period of time about T-shirt advertising.

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