Difference between Email Delivery and Email Deliverability


Email is delivered means that the recipient’s server has approved your email. Sounds easy, isn’t it? But in actual, it is not. It doesn’t mean delivered to the mailbox. It simply means that it was not dismissed. It also does not disclose the file to which it has been sent.

Then what does it mean by Email Delivery:It means the email was sent to the correct email address and was allowed by the IP address of the recipient. Only after the email has been delivered successfully will you be able to select the file to accept the email.


Deliverability is the ability of your company to send the messages to the right place (the mailbox).

Deliverability is directly associated with delivery. But the process ofactually sending the email to the mailbox (NOT the spam folder) is what the deliverability requires.

Unfortunately, if your email is not delivered to the inbox, not delivered at all then all the hard work you do to develop and construct your email marketing plan will be lost.

Let’s dive deep down:

What does that mean? Even if the delivery rate is working, you still see few bounces and but also most of your emails are sent. It is still likely that your emails will never be sent to the inbox. Contact may want to receive your email but there is a possibility that your email is in the spam folder.

But then how would you know your message get into the mailbox? Honestly, there is no way to know that. But you can guess: If you are not getting a reply from any single person then they are high chances that your emails are not delivering in the mailbox.

How to know your email is going in Spam Folder:

Look at the statistics open and clicks, then compare recent data with past data. If the statics is taken a dip? Then there’s a good indication that your emails going to the spam folder or skipping the mailbox.

Test the bounces of email: There is a tool to check this which will give you a good indication to know.

Finally, if you still have trouble reaching the inbox folder, Read how to get your email into the mailbox below: These points mention below are extracted from successful experiments and many people successfully get their email into the mailbox of the prospect.

How to get your email into the mailbox:

These are few steps from which you can make your email appear in your contact mailbox.

Verify Email Address Before sending:

All of us make mistakes and there is a possibility of mistakes in the email address of your contacts. So, check your emails by email at verifiers. If you ask me which is the best free email verifier then I would recommend you to use  “Find Email Address“. It also acts as an email finder so you can discover new emails there.

ASpam filter or blacklisted:

As few tools on the internet will help in this, it’s easy to check. You will figure out how to delete it once you learn what spam filtering your domain has been blocked by.

New email address:

With the service of Gmail, test your domain reputation. Try to send emails from a new address to see if your emails get in the mailbox.

How to avoid spam folder:

Emails that don’t get into the spam folder have a different pattern than those which get in. Email is tested by an algorithm and if the email matches any specification which meets spam folder criteria then it goes there.

Try to follow the pattern:

  1. Write in non-spammy language
  2. Add subscribe button
  3. Provide an easy way to cancel your subscription
  4. Use double Opt-in
  5. Segment your contact list

Final thoughts:

We spend hours preparing every promotional content, creating the perfect copy and attractive fonts, colors, and spacing. Then we search for people, target the audiences, and establish communication.

There’s nothing more heartbreaking with all the blood, sweat, and tears that our email is not reaching the person we want to.

But now you know, delivered doesn’t mean delivered to the mailbox. And we have discussed in detail how to send then in the mailbox. So I hope now you’ll able to get them in the mailbox and make your time and effort worth it.

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