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how to create content to help us collect search engine traffic and support the business.

Content Marketing has found its place in the heads of marketers and their advertising budgets. Thousands of articles, graphics, infographics, and films are created. Many companies decide to create dedicated content platforms, often with their own editorial team, a separate domain, and ambitious reach goals. Unfortunately, in many cases after creating the website it turns out that there was no idea for distribution.

The huge effort put into Content Marketing does not translate into the popularity of content. Of course, we can plan paid activities – advertising campaigns in the search engine or in social media. However, organic content from search engines should be a natural distribution channel for valuable content. Below are few tips that improve the search engine traffic by content marketing. Cheetahpapers will help you to write a good quality content.


A number of articles – sometimes one article perfectly positioned for a popular phrase, can provide us with thousands of visits per month. However, this is difficult to achieve, and at the same time consuming and risking failure. It is much safer to “bet on many horses” and use the so-called “Long Tail Strategy.” It involves creating a lot of content on various topics, often on slightly less popular queries. Thanks to this, we aim at less competitive phrases. The largest content platforms compete with publishers – they have thousands of articles that generate hundreds of thousands of visits from Google every month.

Topics – even the most interesting article will not get popularity on Google if it does not deal with the aspect that interests the recipients. So it’s worth verifying your monthly query statistics before starting the creative process. Data from the Keyword Planner tool available in Google AdWords can come in handy.

Content creation and positioning

Practical dimension – when we create guide content to help solve a specific problem, we should focus on this goal. Any digressions or anecdotes that lengthen the text rather than bringing it closer to the answer are not a good idea. It is also worth focusing on understandable language and avoiding sentences that are too complex or repeated. We can verify it even with the help of the Flesch readability index.

A comprehensive approach to the issue – is a factor of increasing importance in content positioning. Search engine algorithms are constantly looking for the best answers for a given query. When we manage to cover the topic, we have a chance to be appreciated by both Google and visitors. Just before starting to write, we can once again reach for the tool that searches for key phrases and look for related queries, e.g. inspired by the hints in the box “Related searches”.

Text formatting – remember to make the content legible (also on mobile devices). So let’s use such solutions as:

  1. headings and paragraphs,
  2. bold and underline 
  3. quotes and frames
  4. lists and tables.

Thanks to such operations, the user can easily scan the text with his eyes.

Photos and videos – adding multimedia will make your article more attractive, give you a chance to attract users’ attention for longer, but also give us additional points in the rating of search engines.

Links to the article – Google still values links as a ranking factor. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that the article is properly included in internal navigation (e.g. from content on similar topics within the website). Qualitative links from external websites will also positively affect the position of a given subpage.

How do you convert traffic from guide content to sale?

You can’t hide – when a user hits advisory content, their readiness to buy is statistically much lower than for specific product queries. It is worth to approach the topic strategically. Such a visit is often the first contact of a potential customer with our brand. It gives us a chance to show ourselves as an expert in a given issue. We can fight to build a longer relationship – through the appropriate use of newsletters, web push notifications and remarketing. Chances for success are given by the natural and unobtrusive weaving of a given solution or product into the content of the article. However, let us refrain from the temptation to write typically advertising texts that praise only a specific solution.

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