HypeAuditor review:analyze Instagram influencers

HypeAuditor is an AI-driven Instagram analytics tool that helps maintain the authenticity of influencer marketing. It applies machine learning to determine patterns of behavior and to identify fake followers and participation in influencer accounts. HypeAuditor provides users with a breakdown of the actual engagement, actual coverage, and demographic data of the influencer audience. Key features[…]

Is there a tool that can track followers without log into an Instagram account?

I saw a question on Quora: Is there an app or website that can track my Instagram followers without having to log into my Instagram account? And I also want to see some competitor’s data, is there such a tool? I did encounter the above problem before. Many apps need to log into the Instagram[…]

Ghost games for children – 5 times scary fun for ghost parties

Whether to the ghost kid’s birthday party or the Halloween party: good ghost games provide scary-beautiful moments and great frightening fun with the little ones! The little ghost, Caspar, Hui-Buh and other ghosts populate the imagination of many children, so it’s no wonder ghost parties are some of the most popular birthday wishes. Also at[…]

Facebook advertising copy: how do you write compelling copy

Facebook’s advertising has such a good conversion effect that it has become the most popular social marketing platform. On the one hand, it depends on the number of daily active users of facebook. According to statistics, 70% of facebook users in the United States log on to facebook every day. On the other hand, facebook’s[…]

Increase Your Website Traffic by Following These 7 Advanced SEO Tricks

It’s your work to assist people in finding your site within a manner that is easier and more effective, and the path you can help them will always be to learn search engine optimization. Becoming a specialist within this field is more accessible than many people make it out to be, without needing to employ[…]

Top 5 Reasons Your Traffic is Down and How to Fix It

Websites carry a lot of dataas you can find each and every detail of your required information. Internet is known as the ocean of information. Websites act as a medium to deliver all of the information to users. Websites are an immense part of the internet where users visit different websites to extract the information[…]