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Social platform marketing gradually improves the occupation of the market. Many people follow others mechanically to increase the weight of their accounts. This is completely an illusion. This may not have an impact on a normal social account, but for a brand account that requires marketing through a social platform, this “dead followers” can be misleading to the brand and even cost millions of dollars.


In addition, this blind expansion of “dead followers” has produced a lot of “fake influencers”. These people may receive a lot of brand campaigns, but the results may not be very good. Brand owners may be confused and frustrated because they can’t make ends meet. 

In order to save your precious time, I strongly recommend that you submit the Instagram account analysis to BrandFollowers.

BrandFollowers is a tool that focuses on Instagram account audience analysis. It gives the audience’s engagement rate which can intuitively reflect the activity of the followers and help you find the real followers. At the same time, it can intuitively give you a time unfollowed you, I believe this is a data that many people care most about.

BrandFollowersengagement rate monitoring

BrandFollowers has almost no requirements for users, it just needs your mailbox for simple registration.

The homepage has sample reports from more than a dozen brands, and BrandFollowers uses a huge data system and intelligent algorithms to accurately count the engagement rate of each account. This data contains the likes and reviews below those marketing posts. Because of these users, we can basically judge that they have certain social skills. BrandFollowers also directly displays the number of active users.


For many brands, unfollowing users will make them panic. They will doubt themselves, is there a problem with the product? BrandFollowers will help you count the number of unfollowers per week, and of course the number of followers. However, if you can license to BrandFollowers via Instagram, BrandFollowers will perform better, both in terms of update time and accuracy.

BrandFollowers – Analysis and Reporting

Take a brand account to illustrate that this could be a personal store. BrandFollowers gives its global rankings, regional rankings and category rankings through big data analysis. Its real followers have 53.3K, according to the total followers. This is a very good performance. We can also see that the 0.85% engagement rate is not a surprise. When the proportion of real followers is large but the engagement rate is not too good, the problem may be in the marketing content. Combined with the number of unfollowers per week, we can initially locate the marketing content that may actually have problems, so you need to adjust the marketing strategy timely.

BrandFollowers – pricing

Making money has never been the ultimate goal of BrandFollowers. It is the pursuit of the founders that make products more perfect. So for a long time, BrandFollowers will be free tools, and constantly collect user dissatisfaction to evolve themselves.

In conclusion

More analysis capabilities can be experienced by signing up for BrandFollowers. Above all, as a free Instagram brand followers analysis tool, BrandFollowers did what he wanted to do and would do better and better.

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