BigSpy Review: Social Media Ads SPY Tool

BigSpy is a free ad spy tool. It supports 6 social media spies and Shopify spy. BigSpy has a big advantage in terms of features and price. If you want to have a good tool to spy competitors’ advertising and don’t have much money budget, then BigSpy is a good choice!

Multiple types of screening

BigSpy supports a variety of screening options, including keyword search, Marketing Objectives, country, ad creative format, industry, All CTA Types, e-commerce software, ad creation time and ad run time. Keyword Search: You can search for the title, ad content, and ad elements of your ad.
Marketing Objectives includes: Page Post Engagement, Website Conversion, App Install, COD
Country: BigSpy contains ads for 40 countries
Creative format for advertising: pictures, videos, Carousel
CTA Types: Contains all cta types commonly used in facebook ads, such as APPLY_NOW, BOOK_TRAVEL, BUY_NOW, BUY_TICKETS, CALL_NOW, CONTACT_US
E-commerce software: WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, OpenCart.

Ad creation time and ad run time: Filter ads from the last 1 week, the last 3 months, and the most recent June.

Multiple sorting methods

BigSpy can sort the searched ads in 5 ways. They are Sort By Last Seen, Sort By First Seen, Sort By Like, Sort By Comment, Sort By Share.
Sort by Like can be used to find popular ads, Sort By Comment finds the most commented ads, and Sort By Share finds the most shared ads. These best advertisements can be used as reference cases to learn from creative ideas and headline content.

Multi-network platform selection

BigSpy supports 6 platforms, advertising spies. The six platforms include facebook, twitter, AdMob, Pinterest, Instagram, Yahoo.
Facebook has the world’s most user-friendly social platform. Advertising on Facebook is one of the business promotion methods of many companies. In addition to facebook, other social media with a large user base are twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, youtube, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn.

Instagram in March 2019, the number of advertising users exceeded 800 million, Twitter has 517 million users, Pinterest has 335 million users, these platforms are new marketing options, on bigspy, you can monitor whether there are ads in the same industry are being placed You can also see which ads are more popular.

Dropship Spy on Ecom products

BigSpy supports searching for any product on Dropship Spy and getting real-time sales data.
BigSpy is a powerful searchable database for direct transportation research by spies and competitors. You can access orders, revenues and details about winning tips, hottest products, and emerging competitors.

E-commerce store spy

BigSpy constantly indexes FB pages, ads, and Shopify stores. Use Store Spy to access data from all competitors.
Ecom dedicated website database for store analysis. You get the latest and award-winning products, traffic, visitor behavior, keyword and search rankings, and social metrics between sites… Announcement: Some features will be released in the near future.

Track competitor ads

We all know that when advertising on Facebook, you need to do regular advertising tests. If you want to know the results of the ad test, you need to monitor and track these ads at the same time. On bigspy, you can collect and track these ads, and bigspy will analyze user-to-test ads. Reaction. Use bigspy to see the results of the A/B test.

Big data update

BigSpy has the largest data inventory. BigSpy currently has 400 million inventories and more than 2 million ads. These data can be used to create advertising ideas, analyze industry trends, and spying competitors’ ads.

The above is a brief introduction to bigspy, bigspy and has many unique advantages: 6 platform advertising monitoring, more than 400 million advertising data inventory, multi-type screening function, simple registration, completely free, direct online use.

BigSpy as a free ad spy tool can bring us a lot of conveniences, bigspy is also insisting on developing new features, bigspy developed this tool to make the ads more transparent, bigspy will always go towards the goal!

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