Best Instagram follower analysis tool in 2019(free and paid)

Instagram has become the second-largest social media in the world. Every day, tens of thousands of brands choose to join Instagram. The growth of Instagram followers is a complicated process, we must first know competitors’ followers. What are the best Instagram follower analysis tools 2019?

1.Instagram Insights

To use Instagram Insights, you must first become a business user.

This is the official Instagram analytics tool that can be used to view Instagram performance analysis. Instagram Insights helps users better understand data, such as your fans and your post coverage.

What you can do with Instagram Insights:

1. Know your user’s gender, age, location

2. Know which of your posts and stories are more liked by users, likes and interactions

3. The number of times your post is displayed, the number of people covered, etc.



To use igaudit, you must first install the application

Igaudit is an Instagram analysis tool that can perform an expected analysis of all the user’s posts. Users can have a better understanding of their posts through this analysis.

Igaudit analyzed millions of sample data and reached a conclusion. Then estimate the actual user’s post based on the conclusion.

With igaudit, we can do things:

1. Estimate follower statistics for each post, and comment statistics

2.Likes per Post, Comments per Post, Comments per Like, Estimated Real Followers

3. Make predictions on all the above data, and re-statistical actual data to make error judgments



For all Instagram users, count their followers, number of posts, and engagement rate.

Socialstats is a multi-platform analysis tool that can analyze facebook, youtube, and Instagram.

What socialstats can do:

1. Make follower chart

2. Analyze followers, posts, and engagement rates for each Instagram account.

3. Screening function: You can filter the user name, engagement rate, and followers.

4. Generate email reports and PDF reports every week for in-depth analysis of data



HypeAuditor is an Instagram influencers analysis tool! HypeAuditor analyzes influencers on Instagram, researches their followers, checks how many fake accounts are in their followers.

What HypeAuditor can do:

1. Find the influencers on Instagram

2. Analyze the influencers and check the followers’ false accounts

3. Generate a report for each influencer to ease the analysis of the data

4. Detailed analysis of followers, analysis of their age, gender, location, language

Cost: $99 to $349 per month



BrandFollowers is a free Instagram brand followers analysis and tracking tool! BrandFollowers can check Instagram brand followers and unfollowers. Some of the features of BrandFollowers are like those of HypeAuditor, but BrandFollowers are free. BrandFollowers can analyze the followers in detail.

What BrandFollowers can do:

1. Find high-quality brands, competitor brands in the same industry, view posts of brand

2. Analyze Instagram followers, check if there are fake users in followers, or how many users belong to influencers

3. Real-time monitoring of the Instagram brand, showing new followers and unfollowers data every day.

4. Check each Instagram brand’s engagement rate, fan growth, and other data

5. Sort the Instagram brand, sorted by the number of followers, fan growth, and engagement rate.

6. Detailed analysis of followers of each brand, such as age, gender, language, country, high-quality users, engagement rate, one-week unfollowers data



These are the 5 best Instagram follower analysis tools in 2019. Each tool has its exclusive advantages, we can try it out and find a tool that works best for us to help us get more followers.

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