4 Analytics Tools for Competitor Facebook Ads

Do you want to win the marketing war? In marketing promotion, to obtain greater benefits, need to constantly learn, always in the forefront of marketing, innovation and learning is the only way to succeed in marketing, in addition to continuous efforts, the use of some beneficial tools, will make your work more smooth.


  • Creative advertising — find the most eye-catching creative advertising

500 million advertising creative data, updated at a million levels every day, covering 40+ advertising channels globally, 40+ countries and 20+ languages

  • Advertising intelligence — obtain detailed strategies for competitor advertising

More than 5 million global advertisers data coverage, in-depth analysis of competitors advertising strategy, including delivery channels, media, time, country/region, and other intelligence

  • Application intelligence — capture critical data that helps applications grow

Obtain App intelligence through subscription, monitor core data such as downloads, revenue, DAU and MAU, and support the performance of App according to different countries/regions

  • Traffic intelligence — learn about the world’s hottest AD spots and traffic sources

Understand traffic intelligence of advertising space on global popular apps, PC Web and mobile Web sites, PV and PU values of different countries and application platforms, and advertising space size

Cost: a free trial version is available, starting at $59 per month


  • search filter filter function: through screening industry, country, advertising creative, find competitors advertising
  • competitor advertising analysis: after finding competitor advertising, analyze the advertising style, group, country, marketing target, cta type, advertising creation time, etc.
  • find the most popular ads: find the most popular ads by sorting, share the most, and like ads in the industry, and analyze them.
  • track the effectiveness of the ads you are running: you can track the effectiveness of the ads your competitors are running.
  • creative source material for advertising: bigspy has nearly 200 million ads in its inventory. If you don’t have an idea for an AD, check it out.

Cost: free


Find successful AD campaigns quickly and easily and filter them by keywords, advertisers, publishers, and member networks

Track competitors’ most profitable AD campaigns through local traffic sources

Understand which ads have been successful and make better marketing decisions. Get comprehensive data on profitable native AD campaigns.

Reveal the most popular AD traffic sources on the placed profitable AD series

Analyze AD campaigns in more than 32 countries/regions, covering every major country/region

Download each page with a page dependency (image, CSS, javascript,.. ).

Check out the AD series for all popular devices, including Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, Android Phone, iPad and Android tablets

One click to find ads from 100 member networks promoting member offers

Search by keyword, advertiser, publisher, member network, etc


Compare your Facebook AD with other advertisers in your country/region. Get a true baseline of the effectiveness of the campaign.

Determine the effectiveness of Facebook ads by country, age, gender, device, and interest. Learn what works and what doesn’t.

Adespresso is capable of analyzing intelligence, but it requires detailed data

Above is four commonly used facebook ads analysis tool, used for spying competitor information.

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