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In this era of rapid development, we want to keep up with the trend, not only need to improve their own strength, but also constantly pay attention to the changes of competitors. How to effectively analyze the competitors?

Analysis of competitors on social platforms

  1. Collect information about potential competitors

Find competitors from the perspective of upstream enterprises, downstream enterprises and customers

2. Find competitors

The first step is to determine the scope of competitors, the second step is to find the main competitors, and the third step is to determine the priority of competitors

3. Collect data

Collect the detailed data of main competitors and collate and analyze the data

4. Product strategy analysis

Analysis of product competitiveness, brand influence, product practicality

5. Price analysis

Competitor pricing strategy, price stability, bargaining power

6. Channel strategy analysis

Analyze which platforms your competitors are promoting on. Common promotion methods: seo, Google keyword advertising, social media, third-party sources

7. Analysis of marketing strategies

What is the main marketing method of competitors, online communication or offline promotion? Are promotional strategies used?

8. Comprehensive competitiveness analysis

Combine all the above contents: analyze the brands of competitors, the advantages and disadvantages of competitors’ products, the advantages and disadvantages of prices, and the characteristics of channel promotion methods to form comprehensive competitiveness.

Tools for analyzing social platform competitors’ ads total 2019 (paid tools)



  1. Emotional analysis
  2. Interact directly with their unanswered posts from Awario
  3. Share voice statistics to help measure the number of brand conversations compared to competitors

Social channels include: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit.

Cost: 14 days free trial. Prices start at $29 a month.



  1. Xia is the artificial intelligence of Unmetric. It indicates whether your competitors are promoting their content, which helps you understand why you might not exceed their level of participation
  2. Automatic data-rich reporting
  3. Historical data starting from 2012 to understand past achievements

Social channels include: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn.

Pricing: free trial after demo. Pay plans start at $1,000 a month.



  1. In the past 5 years, you can find the most common content of your own brand or competitors
  2. Current trend content in several key categories

Filters around countries and languages can further refine the results

Social channel analysis: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit

Price: from $79 a month after a 7-day free trial



  1. Get data-rich reports about what competitors are doing on social media
  2. Know the number of sponsored posts used by competitors, in-depth analysis of interaction with posts, content type and release time.

Social channels include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

Pricing: 7 days free trial. Pay plans start at $59 a month



  1. Analyze advertising trends
  2. Analyze the audience of the advertisement
  3. Advertising creative library
  4. App can also be analyzed

Social channels include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, Google

Cost: a 3-day trial, starting at $59 a month

Total 2019 tools for analyzing advertising from competitors on social platforms (free tools)

Social Blade


  1. Rank brands according to participation
  2. View snapshots of all platforms
  3. Top list sorted by platform

Social channels include: YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Dailymotion, Mixer and Twitter

Cost: free


Function: 1. A niche tool for checking the performance of Facebook Pages.

2. Provide detailed insights into any page and Suggestions on how to improve it

Social channels include: facebook

Pricing: free


Function: 1. Search function: enter any competitor’s advertisement in the search box of bigspy, and you can find relevant advertisement

2. Filtering function: select competitors’ advertisements from multiple perspectives, such as advertisement running time, marketing target, country and creativity

3. Sorting function: sort the advertisements found by time, and sort them by users’ likes, shares and thumb up

4. Tracking effect function: track the advertising effect of competitors’ advertisements

5. Generate reports: generate advertising analysis reports of competitors

6. spy competitors facebook ads

Social channels include: facebook, twitter, Google admob, pinterest, instagram, yahoo

Pricing: free



To effectively analyze your competitors, you need to use the right tools. Based on the above introduction, find the most suitable tools for you. To analyze advertising trends, use socialpeta, to tweak content, use BUZZSUMO. To monitor all your competitors’ ads, use bigspy!

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