8 best instagram analytics tool in 2020

Instagram has grown rapidly in recent years and has become a new social media platform known for its high engagement rates. More and more brands are choosing to join Instagram, closer to brands and users. To better operational development on Instagram, it is often necessary to analyze Instagram data performance, which is currently the most commonly used Instagram analytics tool.

1.Instagram Insights

All business profiles automatically access Instagram Insights-Instagram’s free “in-house” analysis tool. It provides data about the demographics and actions of followers, as well as an analysis of the content.

After you convert your account to a corporate account, you’ll see insights about what you post after you switch. You can access your Instagram insights in a variety of ways – from your profile, personal posts and stories.

You’ll find a summary of the content posted in the last 7 days. It also shows how many followers you’ve had in the last 7 days and how many followers you’ve got. Again, it shows the total number of posts you posted and the number you added last week.

Looking further down, you’ll find data such as total impressions, coverage, and profile views over the past 7 days. You can swipe to view the website click and call-to-call button click -call, email, route.

Instagram insights contain many statistics, including:

Follower Demographics Summary

Data for a single post

Insights to your Instagram story

Paid promotional data


Iconosquare is an Instagram analytics tool designed for agents and brands that manage multiple accounts. Features of the platform include competitive labeling and growth track.

In addition to a fully functional analytics platform, Iconosquare offers free Instagram reviews for business profiles. The tool ensures that your profile is “complete” and adheres to the platform’s best practices. The review evaluates your 30 latest posts and your regular account settings.

3.Union Metrics

Union Metrics is a powerful marketing intelligence platform that helps brands track the media and industry trends they own.

In addition to Union Metrics’s full suite of features, brands can take advantage of the platform’s free Instagram account checking tool. The reconciliation provides detailed reports, including your top tags, analysis of the most concerned people, and average post engagement.

4.Sprout Social

In addition to supporting you with intuitive Instagram scheduling and publishing features, and supporting engagement in real-time, Sprout also allows you to quickly analyze Instagram data at your post and profile levels.


Squarelovin is an amazing depth tool for free analytics platforms. It shows the history of posts that are recently posted and grown, monthly analysis, and by year, month, day, and hour.

Some tags show your photo engagement, including average and highest posts, and an optimization tab that shows the best and worst times you posted.

You can also manage your Instagram account from within the platform, create albums, and like and comment on other posts.


Socialbakers offers free Instagram analytics tools for profiles and company profiles. It gives you statistics about your most popular Instagram posts so you can track your success and understand what makes your audience click repeatedly. 

If you have a more advanced Instagram need, you can find more advanced features on Socialbakers’ unified marketing platform, an AI-driven social media marketing suite. You can use AI to find posts to promote when to post, and which segment audiences to target to manage social media accounts more intelligently. Socialbakers allows you to run their suite with a quick-learning, personalized trial.


HypeAuditor is a vast database of artificial intelligence-backed, indexing nearly 3 million Instagram profiles. It contains a wealth of information that distinguishes real influencers from those who claim to have identities but have only fake followers.

HypeAuditor doesn’t have a free plan but pays on-demand, and if you use it very little, you won’t spend too much. 

HypeAuditor is designed for fraud detection. It analyzes influencers, digs deep into each audience, and often looks for data types that might expose the fraud. It contains 28 different metrics and scores, giving users a complete picture of who they are dealing with. 

It all starts with the Audience Quality Score (AQS), which determines the actual value of the influencer between 1 and 100. You can rest assured that the influencers who score 70. It is also a good indication of how many followers in the influencer are of high quality. 

HypeAuditor provides not only statistical information, but also additional information. It represents the quality of many indicators, such as participation, real engagement, attention-to-stakeholder accessibility, and so on.


BrandFollowers is a free Instagram follower analytics tool. It generates a report for each brand that shows the brand’s followers’ calculations and statistical charts. 

BrandFollowers has 300,000 brand analysis reports that use this tool to help you monitor changes in your competitors and learn more about your partners when brands work together. 

BrandFollowers, in addition to tracking each day’s followers and unfollwers, also calculate engagement rates and like-for-like, likigram reviews. And BrandFollowers analyzes the country, age, and gender of followers. 

Most importantly, BrandFollowers checks any brand’s followers for fake accounts. 

Today, Instagram is flooded with fake followers, and BrandFollowers can be used to get access to these troubles. 

BrandFollowers enables brands to gain new social followings and manage competitive social spaces.

As social networks become more noisy and time-consuming, and brands become more difficult to reach a loyal audience, our tools will be dedicated to addressing these requirements.

These are 8 commonly used Instagram analytics tools, each of which is valuable.

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