7 Web Design Tips to Convert Visitors into Customers

The ultimate objective of every business website is to turn visitors to their website into customers. If you sale your own products or services on your website, then you want as many customers as possible. But the reality is, that it sounds easier than it actually is.

Many site owners find that driving traffic to their website is only the beginning, getting those visitors to convert, is the hard part. However, there are steps that one can take. For one, they can consort the help of someone more experienced themselves, that way, he/she can implement the correct design elements to improve the sites conversions.

On the flip-side, such an option isn’t always available to us, and not every experienced individual is willing to share their knowledge, at least not without charging you a ton of money. So you’re only option is to do your own independent research, to learn about the topic and what you can do, to enhance your site.

1. Simple Navigation

People want to be able to get around your site with as little difficulty as possible. To ensure that, you’ll want to implement a navigation system that is not too cluttered or too fancy.

When creating any site, the structure and design elements of it, should reflect its theme. Visitors should have little difficulty finding the products and/or services you have on offer. If your company works in consulting, for example, then you need to provide visitors with contact information. Make sure your contact page is easily visible, and provides visitors with more than one way of getting in contact with you. If your site is in eCommerce then you’ll want to ensure that all links on the site leads to a product page.

Remember, if your site is a product sales site, then you can automatically assume that every visitor is interested in buying. So why not make their lives easier, by minimizing clicks and implementing a clean, yet simple, navigation system.

2. Use High Quality Images

Make sure the images that you use are the best of quality.

Take as much time as you need, to choose the best type of image for your content. You want to go with the more eye-catching images. Studies have shown that websites with images, on average, get 90%+ more views than sites without it. So be very mindful when choosing your images.

3. Define Your Unique Value Proposition

If you want your website to standout, then it must have its own UVP, which should be clearly defined. The visitor should be able to determine the sites UVP from the very moment that they arrive on it, that way, they get an idea of why they should be on your site – as opposed to your competitors.

You also want to highlight all the unique characteristics of your business, on your website. This should help in exciting your visitors, making them more interested in learning about your products, which should give them more incentive to buy.

4. Social Media Engagement

Social media has grown leaps and bounds, and is no longer an area solely for bloggers. All websites today, have at least some presence on social media. Shares and Tweets are used at maximum affect to spread information around the world, so it makes sense for you to take that into your fold. To use these systems to benefit your website.

Social media is very simple, yet very effective at promoting your projects. Consider using feeds and adding social buttons to all your pages, which link back to your or their social media accounts (when they log in). This way, you can ensure more visitors coming, directly from these social sites.

5. Relevant Headlines

Use headlines that are relevant and that solve a particular issue the visitor may be having. A potential consumer may have a problem with a particular product. So make sure that the solution to that issue is included in the headline. This should incentive’s your visitors to visit your site.

6. Video Content

The use of video is a very powerful medium, which you can use to galvanise people. If you’re able to add stories, along with the appropriate music to your pages, you can move your customers. The first thing you’ll need to know, before you start making videos, is what interests your visitors. Make a video that raises concerns related to the common interest of your visitors. Videos are undoubtedly one of the more effective ways to showcase products and services.

7. Reduce User Clicks on Site

If you have a well-designed website, then visitors should be able to access whatever it is they’re looking for, with the barest minimum of clicks.

It’s best that you minimise your usage of pop-ups, as they tend to distract. You want to decrease the number of times a visitor has to click, before they arrive on a product or service, so think about the things that are nonessential, and consider trimming them from your site.

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