7 SEO techniques which can rank your website high on Google

Bloggers have a tough life. Yeah, they have! Not only the content but also to handle SEO, social marketing and what not just keep them scratching their head. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not an easy job to handle but if you are hooked with it, it becomes easy and peezy as well. Just like everything, patience is the key to rock your SEO too. If your content is not coming on the first page of any search engine list, then there is a problem with your SEO no doubt in it. But, once you start making your SEO up to the mark, you will not get the frequent boost in your website. SEO takes time to dissolve in Google ranking. But, it is damn true that your pages, your web content will surely boost up. Only if you follow some of the mention techniques to boost up your SEO.

So, here are some of the SEO techniques which can help you to rank high on Google:

1. Keep your title short and sweet

No need of big titles if you are looking to bring your articles on top of any search engine- be it Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Try to keep them, crisp and simple- so that when any user searches for any keyword- Google can bring your website on top. Try to use “Top 5” or “Best” words in your articles, so that if someone uses this query on Google, your website can come on top like if you are preparing an article for amazon then must have title like “Amazon Upcoming Sale for new users or Existing Users”

2. Use Alt tags in images

It is an important factor to give you a little boost in your Google rankings. Always use alt tags in your images if you are writing an article which has images. If a user searches for anything and you have used it in your alt tag, then Google results will obviously show your website. It is really good to use tags in the content. Google checks the alt tags of your images too- in short- and seeing those things, it boosts your article up.

3. Get Backlinks

Get as many backlinks as you can for your website. It is a really important part to do if you are having a website. Without getting backlinks from high DA website, it becomes a tough journey for blogging people. But, if you get some quality backlinks, it is just a walk on the flower bed. You get some traffic juice from the websites and Google gets the trust that you are awesome in your business too.

4. Write Guest Posts

Try to write guest posts for other websites. Leave your footprint as in your website link there after the post and if people read the post and like it, they will surely come to your website and check what you got. It is a great way to get both traffic juice and linking your website with other high valued, high Domain Authority website. It might loosen your pocket but trust me, it is a great technique to get views and higher your search engine ranking. For example if you are have blog related to Coupons or Cashback Site then must publish your store page articles in on other blogger’s site.

5. Interlink your pages

It is as simple as it sounds! Try to link your website pages with each other. Imagine you wrote a post “What should someone eat gain weight”. Now, you can also link it with “What exercises one must do to gain weight?” The thing is gaining weight is the major concern in these articles. So, if you interlink them with each other- internal linking- the technical term for it- you might get visitors on both pages. That’s why relevant articles must be interlinked to each other as these further help in gaining views.

6. High Page Speed

If a user is opening your website and your web stuff takes time to load and show him what he wants to access, then sadly it is bad user experience. So, to counter that, try to remove the irrelevant and unnecessary Javascript and CSS codes to make your website load faster. Else, you can use the AMP website model for your website which loads your website rapid fast. It will help users to get access to your website fast and they will like it. Google surely checks which websites have AMP model integrated with them and then the results are refurbished and reproduced.

7. Use Meta Tag

Now, this is something which each and every blogger must be aware of. Download Yoast SEO plugin for your website and try to give each and every article a meta tag. Meta tags are basically in the <head> labels of the webpage or article. The metatag is the piece of info which you see under the link when you search a query on Google. Under the blue link, you see some words about what you are going to see in the article- that is meta tag. SO, you must use it in each and every article, this surely helps you to get high on Google search.

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