6 Ways your Business can use Twitter Polls to Increase Engagement

The best way to build an authentic and loyal following on any social media platform is to not only have a high number of followers but also followers that genuinely engage with the content that you post. 

Businesses and marketers understand the importance of this and use polls on the platform in order to: 

  • Maximize engagement 
  • Get customer feedback 
  • Stay on top of trends in their niche 

The average Twitter user spends just 3.39 minutes on the platform per session, which is why encouraging engagement and making an instant impact is extremely important. 

Put simply, a poll is a question that you ask followers with multiple answers. This could be related or unrelated to your products or services. For example, if you are a small cafe, you could ask followers for their favourite breakfast out of a choice of three. 

It’s a fun way for followers to engage, which requires little effort on their part. In fact, the best thing about polls on Twitter is that they are easy and fun for users to participate in. All a follower has to do is click once and they have actively interacted with you and your brand. 

Polls also stand out visually in a Twitter newsfeed, which is most often filled with images and status updates. The poll feature on Twitter also reveals answers to your followers immediately, this encourages them to interact, out of curiosity. 

Twitter is also a great platform to implement this feature, as unlike other platforms, voting in a Twitter poll is anonymous. There is a chance that voting more publicly may prevent some users from getting involved. 

Follow the steps below to use Twitter polls to advantage your business. 

#1 Get your customers opinions 

One effective way to use Twitter polls to your businesses advantage is to use them to get your customers or potential customers input on business or brand decisions. 

Unsure where to open a new store? Ask your followers. Can’t decide which new drink to stock in your restaurant? Take it to the public. 

This will not only help you make better and more popular decisions for your business but it will also increase the loyalty of your followers and customers. 

Recent statistics on brand loyalty show that 77% of brands could disappear and nobody would care. To make sure that your brand doesn’t get left behind it is essential to build a following that is invested in your business. 

#2  Promote your service or products 

As a business on social media, your main prerogative is to generate a customer base that will drive clicks and sales. 

Use Twitter polls as a way to promote your products and services to customers and potential customers. Ask followers what their favourite product is, or what their favourite feature of one particular product is. 

Using polls is a fun way to promote your business in a way that is interactive but not too in-your-face. 

And remember that the best polls invoke emotion, particularly effective are those that make us laugh. Using humour is an impactful way to grab your followers attention and encourage them to participate in your poll.  

#3 Discuss the trends in your niche 

Polls are also the perfect way to demonstrate to your followers that you are up-to-date and relevant within your niche. 

Keep your finger on the pulse and be sure to follow all of the key players in your niche, consistently checking for new trends and news in your area. 

When an interesting development arises, ask your followers about it. This will not only help you understand their thoughts but will also prove that you are an authentic member of your niche and are a brand that starts conversations. 

This type of content creation will grow your following and keep current followers coming back for more. 

#4 Encourage sharing 

Make the most of your Twitter poll by encouraging your followers to share and retweet both the poll and the results. 

Create a call to action and try to start a conversation on the topic. The more people that see your poll, the bigger that conversation becomes. 

This will encourage users to view you as an authentic voice in the online community that your business or brand is most involved in. 

Some takeaway tips for encouraging Twitter users to retweet your content include: 

  • Using hashtags such as #RT
  • Including a call to action such as ‘Please retweet’ 
  • Not using too many usernames or links 

#5 Make them consistent  If your business is consistently pumping out polls to a set schedule, this gives users a fun reason to come back and check in on your account.

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