5 Tips to Drive Conversion via Facebook Ads

Advertising your product/service to the audience is one of the keystones of your success path. When you are going to advertise your product/service, consider your goal and consider your audience. Your goal must be to reach your correct targeted audience in a great way through advertising. In case your goal may be selling your product, then the sales rate can measure your ads drive conversion. In case your goal may be reaching your event details, then the registration count can measure your ads drive conversion. Now you may understand how conversion can be calculated for your advertisements. Also now analyze either facebook advertisement suits your ads or not. All this can be calculated by the count of the audience. In the case of Facebook, there are more than 2.5 billion active users. This is the right place to showcase your product/services.

But how can you perform drive conversion via Facebook Advertisements?

In terms of conversion, Facebook advertising platforms may look like a special treat for your product/ services. But it is very hard to reach the target audience that you may want to reach your product/service. Let us move on with the tips that are proven ways to increase the conversion via Facebook ads. Here the cost and budget of your advertisement is also one of the key factors to run your ads on Facebook.

Tips #1: Target your audience through your news feed itself

Facebook users are not actively participating in the advertisement vision and product purchasing. Almost the maximum number of Facebook users use their account to post the real content of themselves and to make a good rapport with their family and friends. In such a scenario creating the conversion rate can be increased through showcasing your product/service through news feed itself. Build your foundations through start with the newsfeed and develop the soft conversions via Email subscriptions, website traffic, subscribe for newsletters and so on. After this is done you can cultivate your audience by using email marketing and other tactics.

Concentrate more on the generic but powerful premises to your brand. This kind of action can reduce the count of people that they scrolling the newsfeed without any response. Let’s talk about your content with the audience.

In the above screenshot, you can visualize the real-life scenario to the best level with the coverage starting price. $5/month reaches the audience’s mind and it can create the conversion of your advertisement. From this, you can get soft conversions through Facebook advertising. 

Adding the numerals in your advertisement part develops a better impact on the audience. It is a psychological fact that the audience may show interest in your advertisement. In the above screenshot, you may see the numerals 70% off and 8% cashback may reach the audience point of view.

Develop the urgency go hand in hand with the audience in your advertisement. It develops emotional rapport from your audience. In the above screenshot, you may understand they are developing the marketing urgency in the audience mindset. Including a clear deadline is a guaranteed approach for Facebook advertisement conversion.

Tips #2 concentrate more on the audience selection:

If you want to make a clapping sound in your service/sales, then visual content plays like one hand whereas your audience plays like another hand. When you throw your Facebook advertisement net on the place, where the people are different then it will lead to a failure step to your advertisement. Selecting the proper audience can be done through the following tools. Based on your service you can choose the audience list as Core audience or Custom audience or Lookalike audience.

Core audience can be categorized based on criteria such as sex, age, interest, geography and so on.

Custom audience can be categorized based on people who are having engaged with your services both online as well as offline.

Lookalike audience can be categorized based on the interest which is similar to your best existing customers.

In the above screenshot, you may see the Facebook ads manager. In the mentioned red box, you can develop your core audience based on their age, sex, interests, and so on.

From the above screenshot, you can understand how to create a custom audience and lookalike audience.

Tips #3: Select the right ad format

Now you know how to create soft conversions and how to select the audience list. As you are going to give Facebook advertisements you may watch some advertisements plays in a different format. It may be unique from others. It can be done through the ad format of your advertisements. Based on your requirement you can experiment with different ad formats to show your ads appear as a fresh copy all the time

In the above screenshot, it is mentioned that the formats of Facebook ads. The ad format may be a carousel, single image, single video, slideshow, canvas, and collections. Based on your advertisement requirements you can select an ad format and you may try a new kind of ad format to show your uniqueness.

In the above screenshot, you may see the effectiveness of carousel ad format. This ad format suits for exploring their product details well. In the same way, choose the proper ad format to get more conversions in your Facebook advertisements.

Tips #4: Messenger ads:

If you want to develop personal digital space with your audience Facebook messenger creates the best way to do that. With the use of Facebook messenger, you can chat directly with the audience.

When compared with the email campaign you could not predict how many of them view your advertisement. Sometimes they may or may not see by customers. But ads in messenger are more visible.  As a business/service provider, you can develop a more personalized service than ever before with your audience. Instead of brand your product to the audience as an advertisement view, you can create sound more conversation like a friend, family and so on.

In the above messenger ad, you can see how personally you can make an ad space for your product.

Tips #5: Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel is one of the most powerful targeting options available in Facebook advertising. To track your conversions accurately and to optimize your ads for conversion make use of this topmost option Facebook pixel. Through this, you can track how much of conversions you are getting from your Facebook ad campaigns. To give such a Facebook ad campaign focus on qualified leads to remarket your product/service. Facebook pixel gives you wonderful opportunities such as a better understanding of your audience, relevant engagement, browsing analysis of audience and so on. If you are not using Facebook pixel you may lose these benefits.

Facebook pixel helps you to target your Facebook ads. In Facebook advertisement, you can target a custom audience and exclude another custom audience. Using Facebook pixel, you can retarget people who are all engaged with your substance. In the below screenshot you can identify how to exclude people from the list. In such a way you can improve your targeting Facebook advertisements.

Facebook pixel helps you to meet more number of particular objectives for your business leads. If you are not using it till now go with this useful opportunity.

Conclude with

Now you have discovered different strategies for successful Facebook Advertising. Implement these strategies for your next Facebook campaign. Evaluate your results. And one important thing I want to share with you that never hesitate to change your tactics in this regard. Have a constant study of the execution and implementation which will suit you appropriately.

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