5 Don’ts of your Website that Kills your Website Traffic

You would have seen web experts talking about do’s but only a few talks about don’ts. That’s may create a big problem for your website that kills your website traffic. You may think with an excellent design and clearly define attributes your website is good to go but if your website isn’t getting traffic, there must be some factors that are killing your website design.

In this context, you must consult a web design expert or analyze your website thoroughly. If you don’t have access to both, you can get it here.

We Introduces 5 Don’ts of your Website that Kills your Website Traffic

Too Much Loading Time

Last week, I opened a website as a part of my research and turn it off because the loading time frustrated me. It was taking too long loading time, and I didn’t have the patience to wait so I turned it off and move to another website. 

So, if your website is beautifully designed but takes too much time to load, then there’s no benefit of its existence. Therefore, ensure that your website isn’t taking longer than 5-8 seconds to load because, according to research, 10 seconds is the limit to the users focused on a task. 

Bragging too Much about your Promotion

Your home page is the welcoming page of your site, it should be minimal in design. If you overwhelmed it with promotional offers, the users will find it challenging to achieve the real objective from your site. For example, if you have an ecommerce site and your home page is full of promotional offers and discount packages but a user wants to buy a specific product out of your offers. So, if he didn’t find it easy to see the products he’s interested to buy, he will definitely leave your website and turn to another one.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t promote your products loud, but you should be careful that you aren’t bragging it all over your website that the website loses its original purpose.

Auto Play Sounds or Videos

You must have visited websites that have a sound in the background and keeps on running unless users leave the website. No matter, if you’re on the Php VS Javascript page or the home page, the sound, will be there until you turn it off. The same goes for the animations or videos on which autoplay when we open the website. Sometimes the users may like it but most of the time it’s frustrating for users.

So, make sure when you’re using these features, they are the needs of your website. If you’re making it additional, then know that it can hurt your website loading speed and visitors might find it annoying.

Putting Beauty at First

Sometimes we’re so concerned about the design that we neglect the usability of which is absolutely wrong. Beauty matters but not to the extent that it covers the website’s purpose. So, more than beauty you should focus on usability as beauty can be compromised but not usability.

What will happen if your website doesn’t serve its core purpose? So, avoid having videos in the background, negative color schemes, and layout that hinders the site readability.

This is a must-follow parameter for all websites. 

Blinking Text

Text that flashes or pop in and pops out affects the readability of the site. Not only readability, but it’s also annoying for users. It can also distract users from achieving the real purpose of coming to the website and that means affecting your sales. It also gives an amateur look overall. However, it’s easy to get a blinking text through code, but no matter how easy it is, if it’s not serving the purpose, you can’t include it on your website.

To Conclude in Words

If you avoid these top 5 parametres in your web design, you can make it running successfully. You can also seek help from any web design company in Dubai to help you eliminate these points. I’m sure they will help you in the long run.  

If I missed any of the essential attributes that kill your website traffic, feel free to add it in the comments section below. 

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