How to Think of an Attractive Name for Your Mobile App?

Your name is your identity, people know you with it, and in case you become popular like Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos, your name will become a brand globally.  Similarly, the name of your app is its identity, and the user will remember your app with its name. Think of some famous apps such as[…]

Things to Remember for your content marketing success:

Nowadays that Digital marketing is trending as maximum people spend their most of the time online therefore the results of Digital Marketing are high ROI when compared to the traditional marketing. Best way to reach your audience is with the unique and attractive content and it can be written text, image, info-graphics, video etc to[…]

Ghost games for children – 5 times scary fun for ghost parties

Whether to the ghost kid’s birthday party or the Halloween party: good ghost games provide scary-beautiful moments and great frightening fun with the little ones! The little ghost, Caspar, Hui-Buh and other ghosts populate the imagination of many children, so it’s no wonder ghost parties are some of the most popular birthday wishes. Also at[…]