How to wipe a hard drive.

How to wipe a hard drive. If you are getting rid of an old computer or upgrading your hard drive or SSD card for something bigger, faster, or just newer, you need to make sure your data is wiped clean for your older hardware. Sleep Tracker Why? Because if you don’t someone else could easily[…]

Web Design – 10 Do’s and Don’ts to Help You Get the Most From Your Website

Working in the web design industry you can come across a lot of great websites, as well as a lot of very badly designed sites. With web design you only have a few seconds to make an impact on your visitor which will determine whether they stay or go. To increase your chances of keeping[…]

Here’s How to Get Better with Storytelling on Instagram?

There are more than 1 billion users on Instagram and out of the 500 million people doing storytelling on Instagram every day. And you’d be surprised to know that one-third of each storytelling on Instagram comes from a brand. With more and more people joining Instagram, it has become easy to reach your customers and[…]