15 Things You Need to Know As An SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization is crucial when you want to build your website and have better success in garnering the right traffic. But it isn’t easy and will take lots of time and effort to become the best SEO Expert in Brisbane!

If you want to become an SEO expert for yourself or to work with other webmasters, there are things you need to learn. Read on as I show you the 15 things you should know as an SEO expert to continue honing your skills and being prepared for today and the future of the Internet and search engines.

1. You Need to Understand SEO Basics

If you want to become an SEO Expert, you’ll need to know the basics, of course! This means understanding how all audiences and search engines are connected, and how you can optimize your content effectively.

When learning the basics, it all boils down to three things:

  • The type of content users want, expect, and/or need. Remember to focus on user intent!
  • The insides of how search engines truly work
  • Tools and techniques to use for optimizing your website

This won’t only explain what, but the why behind SEO’s importance. It helps you understand SEO as you go to more advanced aspects.

2. Learn to Build Websites

When you understand the SEO basics, it’s now time to apply them to your own website. When you talk with an SEO expert, they will tell you how they learned mostly when building websites and breaking things!

And no, it isn’t just about doing SEO for the huge brands and websites. It’s best to start doing SEO for yourself and your site, creating something.

Learn about HTML, the tags, and test it out. Workaround content and how it shows up on search engine results pages, selecting topics you’re passionate about.

3. Learn About WordPress

Did you know that 1/3 of all websites are build from WordPress? That’s a LOT, considering the millions of websites existing right now.

After all, they are considered the best CMS platform for SEO! It’s ideal because of its many functionalities which directly and/or indirectly affect the SEO performance.

So if you want to become an SEO Expert, you have to know and learn all about WordPress. There are many resources that can show you the ins and outs of WordPress, regardless of your skill level and goal.

4. Use Google Analytics and Google Search Console

SEO Experts utilize many tools for content optimization and analysis for better success.

Among the hundreds of tools available, Google Analytics and Google Search Consoles are the absolute essentials.

With Google Analytics, you focus on measurements and reports. As for Google Search Console, it allows you to optimize your website.

To become an SEO expert, you will need to master both tools. While you can use others, these are two crucial and easy-to-use tools you should start off with to gain more understanding of the infamous search engine.

5. You Will Always Learn About SEO Every Day

To become an SEO expert, or just about any expert in whatever industry you’re passionate in, you need commitment. This involves learning something new about SEO every day.

You will need the determination and time to read about SEO and stay updated with any changes. This is because major search engines would make changes daily, and you never know which one can make a huge impact on your rankings. And everyone you work with will expect you to have the answers.

When you keep up with SEO content, you stay fresh. Just make sure you read from reliable sources!

6. Understand the Way Search Engines Work

You might think that your website’s fate rests in the hands of search engines.

It does!

This is why you have to know all about search engine crawlers, which are bots who make the decision on whether your content is high-quality and relevant enough to be placed on the top search results pages. There are various key factors that drive such decisions.

That’s why you need to not only understand site crawlers but the search intent, your content quality, and relevance, as well as backlinks and usability. This will help you understand how the algorithms operate and why they do so.

7. Read About Google Quality Rater Guidelines

If you want to learn more about behind the scenes, then you should know about google’s Quality Rater Guidelines. Google would hire people to rate websites, and this is the guide that covers various factors such people look for.

You’re probably already familiar with the simplified version of the guidelines, which is known as E.A.T., or Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

This is a good place to start out from, or even if you’re an intermediate. But when you’re aiming to become an expert, you have to read the entire guidelines.

8. Check the Search Engine Results Pages

The search engine results pages are where all the action comes from. When you learn about SERPs, consider these:

  • How the pages are composed
  • The content it displays
  • The websites doing well

You’ll also learn that the results change as you put in different keywords and queries. They show knowledge panels, featured snippets, all depending on the intent behind such queries. When you study this, it helps you know what content to whip up.

9. Delve Into Technical SEO

Technical SEO is everything you do and need to do for your site to be easier to crawl and index.

This area of SEO involves your website’s speed, mobile usability, structured data, JavaScript, among many other mechanisms influencing the way your site works. These factors also play an important role in how well your website ranks in SERPs.

While you may have amazing content, slow websites can hurt your user experience, thus affecting performance.

10. Know Everything About Content Creation

Content Writing : Get Ranked Without Optimizing

Technical SEO helps search engines crawl and index websites efficiently. However, that’s just one aspect! You also need to understand content, which improves user experience, links, time spent on websites, and more.

Content is now NOT keyword-first anymore, we’re now focusing on user-first strategies mixed with the proper use of keywords. So you need to optimize your content for search engines to understand how they should categorize it. Make sure you study how to write for both search engines and users.

11. Utilize Link Building Tactics

Link buildings would be one of the first things people learn they study SEO. It would also be one of the factors that have various advices.

But it all boils down to this: To benefit from building links, make sure you use quality links, NOT ONLY quantity.

It takes practice and learning for effective link building, and getting there needs a combination of both effective reporting and building relationships.

12. Do NOT Develop the Checklist Mentality

Checklist mentality refers to being so focused on following routines that you become inflexible even after the routine doesn’t work. As mentioned, search engines change daily, so you need to adjust and become adaptable.

Becoming an SEO expert means that you have to be open-minded and outcome-oriented, focusing more on thinking outside the box than within a checklist.

You ask for help and always be prepared for change and how to adapt to it!

13. You Will Learn From Mistakes and Repeat Successes

You need to know that even when you’re an SEO expert, you WILL make mistakes. After all, SEO isn’t an exact science, so you’ll be learning through trial and error.

Since mistakes are inevitable, you simply have to adapt and move on, learning from everything you’ve done. And when you do something correctly, take note of it to follow in the future.

The point is: You should know to never stop finding ways tolerant and improve.

14. Continue Learning and Stay Patient

As I said before, it will take a lot of time and effort to become an SEO expert. You should be able to ride the wave of all algorithm changes, build your community, stay updated with news, and search tools.

However, you can’t do all this in one day. Don’t rush things and be patient, letting time take its course as you learn everything I mentioned above with a good attitude.

Even when you are an SEO Expert and have established a name, there are so many things to learn and know what best SEO is. Start acquainting yourself with these things to know and continue to acquire the right skills and mindset.

15. Grow and Follow the Right Networks

Just because you’re an SEO expert doesn’t mean you know everything or have all the answers. And that’s OKAY!

That’s why you should build a network and make connections with like-minded people for help and advice. Give and take advice, follow social media groups, and put yourself out there because you never know what else you can learn from others.

You’ll be surprised by the world of opportunities you can do, which starts with a lot of integrity, patience, and they want to learn. I wish you the best of luck!

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