12 NEW Strategies to Promote Your Blog


There are a lot of benefits of blogging. It is thus, no surprise that every other day new blogs are published as new people take to blogging. There might be millions of blogs out there but some are infinitely more successful than others. Just like most other things on the internet, the competition is ruthless when it comes to blogs. People are always on the lookout for better ways to promote their blogs and hence this piece has been put together to enlist the 10 different strategies in which you can promote your blog. Read on to know more about this.

1. Data-Driven Content:

The market for data-driven content is blowing up right now and for very valid reasons. You can use content with data to stand out from the crowd. Data-driven content is tough to come up with but it reaps rich dividends in the long-run. Such content can get a lot of shares on social media along with a ton of backlinks.

2. Update Old Content:

Another way of promoting your blog is by updating every single content on your site. It isn’t easy but it is something that you need to do for a better outcome. You need to update and improve each blog post on a continuous basis.

Overhaul posts which are obsolete and replace old images, if and when it is appropriate to do so. When you update old content, you need to push the changes live as that will go a long way in increasing the overall traffic to that page. It is a time-consuming process but it is worth all the time and energy that you invest in it.

3. LinkedIn Syndication:

LinkedIn is one of the biggest social media platforms of our times with over 600 million users and you can use it to promote your blog. A lot of people still don’t use LinkedIn which means that it is largely untapped. You can get a lot of traction on LinkedIn by reposting your best content on there.

4. Personalized Outreach:

A lot of people use blogger outreach to promote their content and get it horribly wrong. This is because they use the same pitch for hundreds of people and the end result isn’t effective at all. You can learn from the mistakes of others by personalizing every outreach email that you send. It is common knowledge that personalized emails get more replies than emails which use the exact same template.

5. Reply to Comments:

First you need to push out quality content on a regular basis and then you need to reply to as many comments as you can. Ideally you should respond to such comments within 48 hours of the post going live. It takes time and effort but it pays rich dividends in the long run. It gives you a chance to answer the questions people have and once you do so regularly, you will be able to build an active community on your blog.

6. Write Blogs On New Topics:

You aren’t the only one who has a blog and blogs just like most other things on the internet are a ruthlessly competitive space. You need to proactively seek out ways to stand apart from your competitors and one way of doing so is by publishing content on new topics that your competitors aren’t covering. If and when you do so, your content will stand out and your blog will have a much higher readership.

7. Push Content at The Right Time:

You need to know the right content to publish content, if you want to get more traffic and shares from your post. The “best time” is different for every blog and you need to experiment with a few time slots and figure out what works best for you.

8. Increase Your Chances of Being Found:

It’s really a no-brainer. To promote your blog and to get the maximum amount of visibility for your blog, you need to increase its chances of being found. You can do so by conducting keyword research and then using relevant keywords in your content. If and when you do so, it will appreciably enhance your chances of being found organically through search results.

9. Take Your Content Social:

You can leverage social media in a lot of different ways and it is not just limited to your immediate social connections. You need to get active in groups and forums on social media which are relevant to your industry, and to your niche within your industry. Once you get involved in such communities, you can begin sharing your content. Here the trick is to share and not spam. Don’t post your content on groups in which you don’t have an active presence. You can use paid campaigns from time-to-time to get additional reach outside of your immediate network.

10. Guest Post:

One of the best ways to get traffic for your blogs is by guesting posting on relevant blogs within your industry and your niche within your industry. Under guest posting arrangements, you can provide content on certain topics, in exchange for a link back to your site. You can also allow others to post on your blog as it will increase your chances for referral traffic. This will also help you in building long-term, mutually-benefiting relationships. When you let others post on your blog, you get fresh and engaging content on your website, and also a break from writing.

11. Eye-Catching Social Media Images:

Social media makes a huge difference; way more than you realize. You should create social media images which can stand out on someone’s feed, whether it is Twitter or Facebook or some other social media platform. If you are going to publishing something with data, you can use a chart. For a list post or step-by-step guide, you can create something which will stand out. It might take a little bit of effort but it will reap rich dividends in the long-run. You need to use eye-ball grabbing images and optimize it for different social media platforms, so that you can get maximum visibility and exposure for such images.

12. Be A Reliable Source:

You can’t just keep on posting random content and hope to get substantial traction with your target audience. Your focus should be on producing informative and valuable content which proves beneficial to your target audience. If and when you do it well, you can establish yourself as a trustworthy source, which will guarantee you a healthy readership. Address the pain points of your audience, answer their question and always focus on providing content to your clients which makes their lives easier.

The Bottom Line

There you have it. Those were the 12 tips that you can use to promote your blog. Before you begin doing anything, just sit down and set some goals. Then figure out ways in which you can achieve such goals. You can implement these tips on your own or you can hire the digital marketing services of a white label digital marketing agency for the same purpose.

 If you don’t have the time to implement such tips on your own, you can always bring in the experts for a better outcome. Such services are available in abundance across the entirety of the internet and there is every chance that you will be able to find a service provider, who not only suits your requirements but also fits your budget.

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