11 facebook marketing tools help your facebook marketing better

Marketing on Facebook is a complicated process, but Facebook has the largest social crowd. In marketing, Facebook occupies a large source of traffic. In Facebook’s marketing, what tools are available to help us better manage facebook ads and provide better facebook content?

1.Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is a Facebook tool that helps you create and manage Facebook Ads.

This tool will help you determine the right demographics and the right people. It can help you set your budget to control costs.

You can use the reporting tool to get a complete picture of your ads. And you can pause any ad you want from Ad Manager to optimize your campaign.


AdEspresso is a great tool for creating and managing Facebook campaigns.

It automates the process. You can analyze, optimize, and create complex and specific rules for executing campaigns.

Their A/B testing capabilities help you create thousands of Facebook ads. You can focus on key metrics with an easy-to-use, customizable dashboard.


Qwaya is a useful tool to help you run and manage your Facebook ads.

It has several powerful features and a useful web interface. It can help drive traffic to a website or any Facebook page.

It provides an effective ad creation workflow. You can schedule your campaign to run at a specific time of day. And, you can optimize your performance by pausing invalid ads and campaigns.


Likealyzer is a very simple Facebook marketing tool that helps you optimize the performance of your Facebook page.

It provides simple but valuable insights. For example, it scores a page from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the better.

Similar ratings are also made for other Facebook pages, which can then be compared to each other. You can learn a lot from the best-performing pages. It converts raw Facebook analytics data into actionable reports.


Canva is a simplified graphic design tool website, established in 2012. It uses drag and drop formats to access photos, vector images, graphics and fonts.

Canva, currently supporting more than 100 languages, has been used by users in 190 countries.

Canva helps provide more high quality image content to help better facebook advertising.


Save time by scheduling social posts, keeping your social status 24/7 effective by automatically scheduling hundreds of social media posts in your social account at once.

Content Planning: Easily manage social content, stay in touch with pre-approved content that your team can post, and store it in your favorite cloud file service. Tag, search, and usage statistics make it easy to organize content.

Social Analytics: Measure your social media results, track your performance with customizable, easy-to-create reports, and share meaningful insights about your customers and campaign content with your team.


People comment on your post. Anyone who comments on the information will automatically receive your private response in Messenger. When they participate in this response, they will be added to your Facebook Messenger contact list.

Someone posted a comment in the post and they immediately received a Messenger message.

8.Facebook Messenger Marketing

Use Facebook Messenger to send a message to a customer on Facebook Messenger. The Facebook Messenger message has an open rate of 50–80%. Facebook Messenger messages have a 20% click-through rate, especially when using chat explosions. The conversion rate of Facebook Messenger messages is 3–5 times higher than Facebook desktop ads.

Facebook Messenger marketing costs 30–50 times less than Facebook campaigns.


Find the best-performing content: Use our content insights to generate ideas, create high-performance content, monitor your performance and identify influencers.

Explore high-performance content, get more likes and share; strengthen marketing strategies based on big data research. Find influential people to enhance the brand. Track comments for better monitoring of your ads.

10.Sprout Social

Sprout Social analyzes your audience and installs social trends and useful information from the data without installing software. Give strategic decisions with social data.


Search filter filter function: through screening industry, country, advertising creative, find competitors advertising

Competitor advertising analysis: after finding competitor advertising, analyze the advertising style, group, country, marketing target, cta type, advertising creation time, etc.

Find the most popular ads: find the most popular ads by sorting, share the most, and like ads in the industry, and analyze them.

Track the effectiveness of the ads you are running: you can track the effectiveness of the ads your competitors are running.

Creative source material for advertising: bigspy has nearly 200 million ads in its inventory. If you don’t have an idea for an AD, check it out.

The above 11 tools are all used in Facebook marketing, and are often used by everyone. It is very helpful for our facebook marketing. Every advertisement has its unique advantages. You can try it.

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