10 facebook business page tips to make you better

How to quickly create a facebook business page?

Step 1: open facebook’s computer and click on the top right corner of your personal page.

Step 2: click create page.

Step 3: facebook business page falls into two categories:

* Local Business or place-select this option if your Business is small, locally owned, and/or not part of a chain.

* Company, Organization or institution-select this option if you’re creating the page for a large business branch or Institution.

Step 4: select any one and fill in the details.

When creating a facebook business page, try these tips:

First: choose a category closest to your business. This gives you a clear picture of what your company is doing and increases your chances of exposing your company to potential customers in Facebook internal searches.

Second: make sure the Facebook account name matches the brand name, and fill in the correct address, business hours and company address. If the customer service line only serves part of the time, customers can find your information at any time 7*24h.

Third: when writing the introduction of “about us”, a one-sentence summary explains the brand goal, and the link of product or service website can be added to let customers directly contact the brand.

Fourth: block negative comments, enter words you don’t want fans to see, separated by English commas, these words can be modified and added later.

5. Cover and profile photo

Note when designing: the size of the cover image on PC is 828*315(pixels), while on mobile it is 640*360(pixels).

The design of the picture should attract the eye.

Some picture design tips: strong color, highlight the key.

Point out the theme so that users can easily remember your logo.

Don’t put text, phone Numbers or websites on your profile photos.

Keep it simple, but be sure to brand your business so that people recognize your image in their news feed.

You may only need to edit your profile photo once or twice a year. Changing your image leads to brand confusion, which leads to less engagement and influence.

Sixth: add the relevant CTA button

If your fan page doesn’t have a CTA button, choose an option that matches the brand’s goals. Facebook officials offer many options, such as “buy now,” “call now,” “contact us,” “send messages,” “sign up,” “use the app,” “watch videos,” and “learn more.”

7. Top important articles

Some Facebook experts say you should post once a day… Others say 10 posts a day is not enough.

They may all be right. It depends on your business and your audience. To increase engagement, I recommend Posting as much as possible. If that means 20 posts a day, go for it!

You may find that you don’t need to post on your page as often to get attention, and when you post less, fans react more positively.

The key is to test what works best for your page.

8. Create “milestones” in professional dynamics

To mark milestones on your fan profile, simply click on trends, click on offers, and then click on milestones.

9.Custom Facebook Page

Having a facebook business page is critical to your business’s potential profitability. If your company makes a public appearance on facebook, you’ll have thousands of eyes constantly looking at you and your company’s work and potentially telling others what they see.

If your company is of exceptional quality, it’s only a matter of time before you see a bit of hype. Many businesses will spend thousands of dollars trying it out on TV or radio, but for the more tech-savvy, the facebook business page is one of the ultimate ways to get into the mainstream.

When more people like your business page,

10. Buy Facebook ads

Facebook business tips the purpose of running a Facebook page is to get more exposure and customers for your business. But many people hate spending money on Facebook advertising.

It’s a fact of life, guys. Unless you buy ads, your page will have nowhere to go.

The great thing about Facebook ads, compared to other ads, is that you can target all kinds of people. Businesses on Facebook should budget for:

Page similar ads (at least $1 per day)

Add posts (great for quick participation)

Newsfeed advertising (requires more knowledge, but can be very rewarding)

Start at $50 a month. Currently, I spend about $50 a month on page ads for my small business & another $50- $75 on additional posts.

Bigspy, a free facebook adspy tool to help you better complete the facebook business page.

Treat your Facebook AD budget like a utility bill — the necessary cost of doing business!

Summary: on facebook business page, you can edit the title, location, date (as accurately as possible), and the story you want to tell, with high definition pictures with a sense of design to make your story more touching and quickly catch the attention of netizens. Then use bigspy to get to know you for a small amount of money.

These are the top 10 facebook business page tips, and these tips are all valid, you can try! 

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