Digital marketing is one of the latest trends that has hit the web and now is likely to take over the traditional marketing methods soon. Every business is transforming and switching its business operations from offline to online. The revolutionizing increases a better chance to reach a vast audience at the same instance and make users aware of the services/products they deal with. 

But with so many businesses preferring the same course and the vast amount of data generated by already existing businesses, what are the odds of your business’s visibility?

To make the odds in your favor, it is very necessary to take into consideration some capacious methodologies that are needed to hike up the business visibility on SERP. 

SEO is the most assertive methods among them. Search engine algorithms are primitive to change and create a whimsical environment for their marketers. 

Well, the best thing about businesses is that they use tools to maintain and rank up their visibility in the search results. Even though you are new in the business environment or a professional, here are 10 behest tools that can come out handy for SEO: 

Answer the public

One of the best SEO tools used by agencies all over the globe. The USP of this tool is time, as it helps, finding you more than 150+ keywords ideas in few seconds. Mostly what it does is change most asked questions by people into acceptable keywords

Google suite

The greatest SEO tool of all time that helps you improve your marketing. The Suite includes Google reporting, Google search console, Google my business, Google keyword planner, and Google Suggested keywords- all of the tools are amusing and bring great results. 


It is known for its multifunctionality that allows you to outrun various operations simultaneously. It comes up with 3 products namely MOZ Pro, MOZ Local, and MOZ content known for boosting visibility globally, locally, and increase content strategy.


it is one of the preferred tools by many people around the globe. It is a full suite SEO tool that is best in locating the broken links, unlinked mentions, and also audits the backlink portfolio. The tool is best in keywords tracking, generation, audits, and much more. 


The best part about Merkle is its schema mark-up generator that gives a user-friendly experience to everyone while providing a variety of structures in the same instance. It helps you from ranging local businesses to FAQ structured data and the structure data set is of great use for SEO. 


KWFinder AKA no-nonsense Keyword research tool is best and is major because of its easy usability. A legit keyword tool that brings an ample number of pros on the table. You can also know the exact number of likes to rank for that keyword with the help of an in-built link profile strength feature. 


Another best tool that knows how to handle SEO targeted tasks like SERP analysis, content, keyword research, and more with optimum sublimity. They named it SurferSEO as it can look over 500+ ranking factors in one sweep at the website. 


It is the world’s fastest keyword rank tracking tool that is capable of providing on-demand updates. What makes it best is that it works as a backup tool when other tools take up heavy time to update true rankings.  


This is one of the most preferred WP SEO tools as it’s a two slide that works by doubling up an improvident WP tool and also audit and review tools that screens websites. What makes it a perfect tool for SEO is that a user can optimize the code and increase the site speed crossing a major setback for the low ranking. 

Screaming Frog One of the best tools that are used for crawling. It generates a user agent to clone Google. It locates errors, mixed protocols, and directly lands to the exact pages where optimization is highly required and all of this very effortlessly. 

Why I enjoy working #Hotstar!

The technical parts of SEO can turn out to be a daunting task but are very necessary. As an enterprise SEO agency, the major work you do is for your clients so, you always need to step your client a step forward than its competitors. 

CONCLUSION:  Getting your website ranked up higher in the search engine result pages is very necessary. A higher ranking will lead to higher visibility increasing the click-through rate and more leads can be turned down in sales funnel.

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