10 best brands on Instagram with most followers

Since Instagram was founded in 2010, it has been loved by young people. In a few years, Instagram has more than 800 million monthly active users. In marketing, many brands have joined the social media platform of Instagram. Through Instagram, many brands are better connected with users, promoted, and gained more users.

Then let’s take a look at today, which brands have achieved success on Instagram. As of November 1, 2019, who are the top 10 brands of Instagram on most of the followers?

To ensure the accuracy of the data, I used BrandFollowers, a free Instagram brand follower analysis, and tracking tool. One feature in BrandFollowers is brand sorting. It sorts all the brands on the current Instagram according to the number of followers and gets the following results.

This list shows detailed data for each brand, such as brand name, number of followers, fan growth, engagement rate, marketing posts, and country.

Below we list the 20 brands that currently have the most followers

Top 1: NatGeo

Followers: 125.1M

Marketing Post: 21180

Category: Travel & Tourism

Natgeo is the National Geographic Channel, which has been loved by a series of amazing and spectacular nature scenes. Natgeo is the National Geographic Channel, which has been loved by a series of amazing and spectacular nature scenes. Natgeo posted a lot of posts, also to photos, the video is also very popular, the video time is about 3 minutes, the quality of the video content is very high, let us feel the wonderful world of animals.

NatGeo follower’s analysis:

NatGeo’s followers are Americans, with 2% more women than men and the highest number of people between the ages of 18 and 24.

Top 2: Nike

Followers: 93.6M

Marketing Post: 758

Category: Apparel

Nike is the best clothing brands and best fashion brands on Instagram. As a giant of sportswear, Nike posted a lot of creative posts on Instagram, and they chose to work with celebrities to get a lot of love through celebrity effects.

And the use of celebrities to drive ordinary people, while driving attention by celebrities, from the perspective of ordinary people, to bring a feeling of empathy to the audience, enhance the customer’s stickiness.

Nike’s follower’s analysis:

Nike’s engagement rate is 0.33%, 76% of fans are Americans, and 67% of users are women.

Top 3: 9gag

Followers: 51.0M

Marketing Post: 21094

Category: Humor

9GAG operates a social media website with a web platform. Users upload and share “user-created” images and videos here. There are a lot of interesting videos and pictures here, which is an account that can bring joy to everyone.

9gag followers analysis:

Among the 9gag fans, there are more men, and fans in the United States and New Zealand account for the most. The engagement rate is 1.18%.

Top 4: NASA

Followers: 50.2M

Marketing Post: 2740

Category: Computers Electronics

Nasa belongs to NASA. Its mission is to explore the universe and discover new planets. In the NASA post, there are a lot of beautiful planet photos, let us feel the mystery of the universe.

Nasa’s follower’s analysis:

Nasa’s fan engagement rate is 1.58%, women account for 51%, and 89% of fans are in the United States.

Top 5: Marvel

Followers: 50.2M

Marketing Post: 2740

Category: Entertainment

Marvel is Marvel’s official Instagram account, including Marvel animation, movies, games and more. Marvel fans will not miss marvel.

Marvel’s follower’s analysis:

The main audience for Marvel is the United States and Australia. Among them, women aged 18 to 24 account for about 30%. Marvel’s engagement rate is 0.55%.

Top 6: Gucci

Followers: 37.4M

Marketing Post: 6249

Category: Lifestyle

Gucci is an Italian fashion brand. Gucci’s products include fashion, leather goods, leather shoes, watches, ties, scarves, perfumes, household items, and pet supplies. There are a lot of beautiful and creative costumes in Gucci’s posts.

Gucci’s follower’s analysis:

Gucci fans are concentrated in the United States, India, and Singapore. Among Gucci followers, ages 18 to 24 account for 40%. Among all fans, males accounted for 54%.

Top 7: channelofficial

Followers: 37.3M

Marketing Post: 6249

Category: Art & Design

Chanel is a top French fashion company. Chanel’s post has a lot of models and women’s beautiful clothes posts.

Chanel’s follower’s analysis:

89% of fans of chanelofficial are in Ireland. Among the fans of Chanel, there are 0.27% of influencers. The engagement rate of fans is 0.19%.

Top 8: Zara

Followers: 35.9M

Marketing Post: 2737

Category: Fashion

Zara is a Spanish company that sells and manufactures garments. It’s business model allows it to open quality stores in the fast-moving stores and with appropriate funds.

Zara’s follower’s analysis:

Of the Zara fans, 89% of the fans are in Australia. Among the fans of Zara, women accounted for 52%. The user engagement rate is 0.25%.

Top 9: adidasoriginals

Followers: 35.7M

Marketing Post: 2343

Category: Shoes

In the adidasoriginals account, there are a lot of beautiful design manuscripts and the latest new shoes. If you like to collect shoes, adidasoriginals can give you a lot of reference and inspiration.

Followers analysis of adidasoriginals:

85% of adidasoriginals fans are in the United States. The user’s engagement rate is 0.26%, and the total unfollow last week was 2331.

Top 10: louisvuitton

Followers: 35.0M

Marketing Post: 3828

Category: Fashion & Apparel

Louisvuitton is a fashion brand in France. Louisvuitton’s Instagram post has a lot of beautiful costumes, bags and beautiful clothes displayed by the models.

Louisvuitton’s follower’s analysis:

Most of louisvuitton’s fans are in the US and Australia. Louisvuitton’s user engagement rate is 0.22%, last week’s unfollowers number is 2207, among all fans, 18 to 24 years old women accounted for 25%.


The above is the most followed brand on Instagram 2019. These 10 accounts contain creative Instagram accounts and the best fashion brands on Instagram.

Besides to know these brands, to get more followers, we have to have a more detailed understanding of these brands with many users, The analysis tool I used is BrandFollowers.

With BrandFollowers, besides to the detailed analysis of each brand followers, you can see the changes of new followers and unfollower every day.

We can understand what users like more based on the follower curve, and we can share similar content more.

Besides, we can also use BrandFollowers to research competitors’ Instagram accounts.

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